Help Just a few questions

Greetings, I just bought an Android Vivid, and I was wondering a few things.

1: Is there any way to set custom Ringtones to my Email, and Message Notifications?

2: I have a metric TON of the apps that are autoloaded onto the phone, that I am NEVER going to use. Is there a way to delete the unwanted Apps off the phone?

3: Are there any apps that are highly recommended, and cheap or Free. I'ma College student in the CGTVGD (Computer Graphics Tech for Video Game Design) , so I'm talking about stuff that would help me keep track of stuff. I'm also an RPG gamer, so is there any apps for keeping charcter sheets on this thing, or any good dice rollers?




Hello and welcome aboard. Just to let you know that I moved your thread to its device forum, for it to get some responses from other users of the same device. :)