Root Just a Tip for those who may have bricked their phone.


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This may not work for everyone. However.. if you are on a custom rom, or have a backup on your sdcard you can restore, or are planning on flashing a custom rom, and you have bricked your phone, an alternative method to unbrick you phone is as follows.

Make sure you have the drivers installed from LG.
Plug you phone into your computer when it is powered on and stuck on lg screen. Check your device manager, and see if it has your phone listed as a fastboot device. IF it doesnt try this, power ur phone off, hold back+vol down and then press power and hold all buttons. Your phone will be stuck on the lg screen and should be in bootloader mode. Now try plugging it in to ur computer again and check if it is listed as a fastboot device.
If so, you can download fastboot, and copy to C:\fastboot to make things easy.
Make sure that u have Joneidys or getitnowmarketings recovery image saved to your sd card.. if not already there this can present a problem, but if you have a microsd card reader, or if you have an old phone laying around that takes a microsd card, you can put the sd card in it and connect to your computer and copy the recovery image to the root of your sdcard.
Once you have the recovery image on ur sd card and your computer sees your phone as a fastboot device, open the command prompt and navigate to the folder where fastboot is.
type this command:
fastboot flash recovery recoveryimagenamehere.img
remember that the image name is case sensitive.
Once that is done, unplug your phone, pull the battery and hold home+vol down and power to boot into recovery. Once there you can restore a backup, flash a rom, mount ur sdcard to usb to copy files.. and do anything else you would normally be able to do from recovery.

Figured id post this.. i recently helped someone unbrick their phone this way.. figured it may be helpful for other people.

I am not possitive if android-sdk is required for fastboot to work.. i now that when i have used fastboot, i have had the sdk installed.. but if fastboot doesnt work for you initially.. try installign the android-sdk

EDIT: Also.. i cant remember exactly.. but you might not need the revovery image to be on ur sd card.. you may just need the recovery image in the same folder as fastboot...
pretty shoddy tutorial i onow.. but i may test the flashing part without having the recovery on my sdcard to be sure

EDIT: OK.. so i cannot for the life of me get my phone into bootloader mode, have tried rebooting into bootloader, and have tried just about every key combination possible.. but one thing i do know for sure.. if you have bricked ur phone and it is stuck at the LG screen, you are in bootloader mode, and the above guide will work, you DO NOT have to have the recovery image on your sd card, just copy it to the directory you are going to run fastboot from. ill clean up this post and turn it into a guide at some point.