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Just bought Smart TV 500 Center, need Media Center App reccomendations.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ndroidwobble, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. ndroidwobble

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    Hello All,

    I just purchased this:
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    and I had a few questions.

    This device has two USB ports, one of which I use to connect a 2TB drive to, and the other for a wireless keyboard/mouse combo device.

    The device in question came with a file explorer, a video app, and a music player app. The file explorer app (which can read my 2TB drive) works well except for the fact that it doesn't seem to sort the files in any particular order, which I find very frustrating (who uses alphabetical, right?).

    The video app and the music app largely suck, really really badly.

    What I want is some app recommendations for the device that perform well, and to a lesser extent are aesthetically pleasing.

    My ideal application would handle my video and audio files, perform well, look nice, have true full screen (meaning that the status bar at the bottom is not present), and be easy to use as my girlfriend isn't great with overly complicated software.

    I downloaded VLC media player, which is great for reading and playing files on my device, but unfortunately it does not seem to offer playlists and album art for music when I have guest/parties.

    I was also trying out Player Pro for music, which isn't bad, but it seems just a bit laggy.

    What I do not want is an app that requires me to stream from another device, it must read from the HDD connected to the android device. So things like PLEX aren't a solution.

    Any and all help would be really appreciated. Thanks so very much for taking the time to read this.


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