just bought this phone, advices?

hey guys, i've just bought this phone and it's on the way to me. i thought i'd ask if anyone had some general starting-out tips for me, things people would know who've had the phone for awhile and are familiar with it.

also, will this phone carry me a year or 2 being fairly modern? does anyone overclock it a touch, and if so, how does it do?

thank you


Android Expert
Its a great phone. I kept mine for over 2 yrs. (I have a SGS4 now as my main phone.) I still use my Atrix 4G as my laptop though. (Using the laptop dock.) Outside of the unique docks, the Atrix 4G is out dated as far as the OS is concerned. (Its 3 builds back and not going to be supported.) 2 yrs is a long time, which would make the phone 4 yrs. old. You still should be able to use it and all, but certain apps might not work anymore. (Make sure you make a backup of the apk files for all your apps.) Just in case you have to do a factory reset and those apps are removed from the Google Play store.

For me, the only thing that unique about the Atrix 4G is the different docks, which I have all of them, except the vehicle dock. I still have all my 200 or so apps that still work on both of my phones. Hope this helps.