Root Just enter on recovery mode

My LG Optimus 2x just enter on recovery mode! The problem started when I tried to instal Eagle's Blood rom, and when you turn on, appears the Eagle's Blood logo, follow by the LG logo, alternately... And the smartphone don't start...
I entered on the recovery mode and formated everything... So, I don't have the old rom (cyanogen 9) in my sd card anymore... And, I can't connect my LG on my pc for transfer it... (I don't know why it's not having connection with them both)
I tried to use the android sdk windows, adb stuff... And it doesn't worked... I don't know why!
Someone can help me??? Thx!


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Hi, welcome to Android Forums! :ciao: I'm moving this to the Optimus 2X All Things Root section so someone with that device can assist you.
Thank you! I have a LG Optimus 2X that when booted goes directly to Team Win Recovery Project v2.3.3.0 There does not seem to be any other software on the phone and I can not get the device to mount. I am thinking that someone tried to root the phone and did it wrong. Is there a way to recover from this?