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Just exchanged my Evo Shift for the Evo.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by flyfish1, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. flyfish1

    flyfish1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I really liked the shift but I'm getting up there in years and really liked the larger screen for my eyes, so I exchanged it this evening for the big brother. Just one question please, if I may. Is the Evo done getting updates or do you see more coming and is this something I should even be concerned about?

    I came from the moment and I couldn't take the bugs in that phone any longer.

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  2. No idea about if its done getting updates (doubt it), but you can always root and get the benefits of updates if they are done.
  3. Ventada

    Ventada Member

    Ya is the EVO getting gingerbread?
  4. freedom1911

    freedom1911 Newbie

    Read today that the Evo was expected to get 2.3.
    Expected is the key word.
  5. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    welcome to the evo-lution.

    i think it is better than 50/50 it will get updated to 2.3

    moment sucks and had a lot of bugs.. that required better support.
    EVO is not in the same situation with it's current setup.

    and if you choose to join the ROOTed community.. you would not worry about updates. EVO has one of the best grey-market support.
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  6. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    Screen size for text readability is not often discussed, but as we all get older, it becomes a serious consideration. The good news is that phones like the Evo and Droid X proved that the 4.3" size is popular, and we can expect the same size screen for many future Android phones.

    Since its initial release, the Evo has received about 5 over-the-air updates (just counted in my head; didn't dig up the actual versions). Even at launch, there were no serious bugs. Some early hardware batches did have issues, like screen separation, loose charge ports, etc, but it's uncommon to hear about those problems in a new phone.

    Evo got Froyo very early on. The most recent update got us swype, a very popular keyboard. I can't say if we'll continue to get updates, but I'm very happy with what I have right now.
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  7. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie

  8. rambo47

    rambo47 Well-Known Member

    I've always flip-flopped back and forth from my BlackBerry (10 year user) to other devices. When I got my Evo the flip-flop stopped. That gorgeous 4.3" screen is addictive, and they managed to get it into a slim package too.
  9. NicksGarage

    NicksGarage Android Enthusiast

    Most people with the EVO aren't that concerned with updates since the device just works. It has already been updated a few times and they've been positive. I'm a non-rooted user still using my launch-day EVO and very happy.
  10. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    I think you've made a wise choice. With Swype on your Evo, the advantage of a physical keyboard has been cut down if not eliminated altogether. As for any updates, you won't need it because as my next quote put in, "it just works". :)

    ^Ditto (except that mine was replaced due to a faulty 4G switch)
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    last convo I had with sprint tech was that there is something in the works...but they wouldn't give me more details or an eta
  12. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Android Enthusiast

    Yep, HTC in all its innovative glory, bigger screen doesn't mean more efficient use of screen real estate, it means everything is just...bigger.

    Welcome to the EVO!
  13. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    Agreed, but will definitely make it easier for people with thicker fingers like me. :D
  14. NicksGarage

    NicksGarage Android Enthusiast

    Works for me. Browsing web pages is better. YouTube videos better. Apps better. And I use LaunchX Pro to put 10 icons in the space of four on the home screens. My friends iPhone4 certainly has a great display but it's just to small. Anytime he wants to show me something he has me look it up on my EVO. Size trumps resolution.
  15. TF1984

    TF1984 Android Enthusiast

    Sprint has no other Flagship Android on the table... to me this means they will support the current flagship (Evo) at least until it is replaced.

    Anyway, I am running 2.3 right now...
  16. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    I'm waiting for a Gingerbread Rom running Sense 2.0. I really love my current build either way
  17. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Android Expert

    If they could get 2.2 working stable on the epic it would take over as the flagship phone quite easily but they can't. No one knows if the problem is sprints or samsungs but the end result is that the Evo is the flagship with the latest software. I'm hoping we continue to get updates based on that but as mentioned above there are no guarantees. The nexus just got it and I've read that the Evo is pretty much the same as the nexus but with a bigger screen. Only time will tell.

    Of course the big announcement in a few weeks could and probably will change all of that.
  18. Ivansandroid

    Ivansandroid Well-Known Member

    My buddy has had 2.3 on his Droid X for a couple of months now.
  19. ndh777

    ndh777 Android Expert

    Your guess is as good as ours for the updates...I'm hoping Sprint/HTC allows us to get the Android 2.3 update.

    I got an update last December for something having to do with the radio...caused me to not be able to hack my phone for a while.

    Anyway, glad to have you apart of the family! I hear people aren't too happy with the new Shift compared to it's older brother mostly for size and front camera. I wish our version had the physical keyboard, but as someone in another thread mentioned, "...Swype pretty well takes care of that..."

    How are you liking the change so far?
  20. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Either he installed a custom Gingerbread and you can do that for the Evo, or that's part of the Droid X common version confusion - their software level 2.3 is actually Android 2.2.1 - just as the Evo's 3.26 and above is 2.2.1.

    Hope that clarifies.

    As for Shift to Evo, we have both in our house and I like both very much.

    But - you can't beat the big screen. ;)
  21. bucketheadmn

    bucketheadmn Well-Known Member

    Just did the same thing. Waiting on the return kit from Sprint for my Shift and my new Evo, should get the phone Thursday. I was going to need to exchange the shift anyways as it would not hold a 4G signal at all, but while I thought I would like the keyboard I ended up getting annoyed with it more often than not. So Evo it is.
  22. flyfish1

    flyfish1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I love the phone. I had to return the first one due to the fact it kept rebooting on it's own. I've had this one for a few days now and all is well so far. I liked the Shift but after having for a few days and playing with it my eyes aren't what they once were. I find the Evo with the bigger screen such a plus for me and the phone is very easy to get around. Remember, this is coming from someone who had the Moment for a long time and I just couldn't deal with it's problems any longer. Coming to the Evo is like a breath of fresh air.

    I will never, ever buy another Samsung phone, ever! I wish all of you best with your Evo's. Enjoy!

    I'm a new member here and a newbie as far as this high tech stuff goes. You younger guy/gals catch on so much quicker then us older gents.:D All of you here have been very helpful in trying to answer some of my questions and that I appreciate very much.
  23. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Android Expert

    I hear ya there!!! Samsung support is horrible. I won't even buy their TVs!!! Just bought a rockin' Sony...screw Samsung.
  24. ndh777

    ndh777 Android Expert

    HAHAHA I have to laugh every time an Evo owner tells me that they used to have a Samsung Moment as I did too. I hear your pain...the phone caused me many pains and many frustrations. My friend was right when he threw his against the wall or stomped it out or just completely damaged it about 6 times...the phone is utter...forgive my French...shit. lol

    I may never buy another Samsung product as I live either.

    Ah, newbie shnoobie...I came here with so many basic questions and everyone was so kind and I learned so much through the use of others' advice. Many users here you will see again and again and the usuals are the ones who usually have the best advice to give if you need any technical help. I actually come to this site for technical problems first then to HTC/Sprint if I need anything else...that's how much I value these other users' advice. Old, young...doesn't matter...rooting and all that comes with it is easy and you'll pick up like nothing. It'll become a hobby to you after a while lol

    Well great to hear your review and comments and hope you enjoy your stay here and with your new Evo :D
  25. De Geft

    De Geft Newbie

    i did the same thing yesterday, trade shift for regular evo. should of been my first choice...

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