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Just got 2.2 OTA

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nazz, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. nazz

    nazz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Installing now!!!


  2. itsHumble

    itsHumble Newbie

    Yup, installed mine this morning about 6am when I got to work. I was already used to is "basically" b/c my buddy had it on froyo on his X. Pretty neat, though.
  3. jennay22

    jennay22 Well-Known Member

    I WANT!!! How will I know if I have the update ready to install on my phone? Will the Marketplace update icon show up on the top of the screen?
  4. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    No, it's not a market icon, it's something distinct that you won't confuse with something else. I haven't seen it since 2.0.1 as I forced 2.1 and rooted for 2.2, so I don't exactly remember what it looked like.
  5. Alfalfa-Male

    Alfalfa-Male Newbie

    It will look something like this:
  6. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

    Which version is in the OTA ??
  7. Alfalfa-Male

    Alfalfa-Male Newbie

  8. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

  9. nightrain

    nightrain Newbie

    Stupid question, I'm sure...but is there any difference in the OTA update that's now being sent out versus the manual one I installed from on here?
  10. johnnybirdman

    johnnybirdman Android Enthusiast

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  11. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

    Not stupid cause I was curious also....
  12. nightrain

    nightrain Newbie

    So, there's no difference even though Verizon/Motorola supposedly pulled the original update to fix an unknown bug?
  13. denmcdon

    denmcdon Lurker

    I read somewhere that the ota update has 2 different lines of script than the one people have been pushing on there phones.can anyone shed any light on this?
  14. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga

  15. android2010

    android2010 Newbie

    Infomationweek.com reports:

    A manual update for the Droid, build FRG01B, was made available via non-official channels last week. Though that update works, it is not the final version of Android 2.2 being offered to the Droid. The final software version is build FRG22. If you updated your device manually to FRG01B, make sure your device eventually updates to FRG22.
  16. Genetic_Bloom

    Genetic_Bloom Well-Known Member

    There's no way for them to know this. Why would Verizon be pushing out FRG01B if FRG22 is the official one? Obviously the FRG01B is being made available through official channels this week so that's just not true. Someone said they called Verizon and they told him that FRG22 was an old build and FRG01B was the newer one. There's no way to know for sure, but Verizon or Motorola haven't come out and said there was anything wrong with FRG01B, just that flash wasn't available. If there was something wrong with it, they wouldn't be pushing it out this week.
  17. adostrom

    adostrom Member

    Actually, if the MD5 is the same it IS the same to a virtual certainty. I found the following quote from a reputable source...

  18. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga

    I responded to that here


    Thats true the chances of md5s being the same is in the hundreds of billions
  19. android2010

    android2010 Newbie

    I have not received the OTA yet. I just saw this on informationweek.com.
  20. nightrain

    nightrain Newbie

    Did anybody actually receive the update notification on their phone last week? Or were the only updates done manually over the Internet from the file found on Google's server?
  21. cjacobs

    cjacobs Newbie

    I also received 2.2 ota this morning. I don't really notice the phone acting any different. It doesn't seem any faster. I like the extra home screens though.
  22. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga

    I know of 3 users of this forum that got the OTA last week. Thats how we got the filename
  23. Genetic_Bloom

    Genetic_Bloom Well-Known Member

    I don't think the phone itself is that much faster, opening apps and closing them is and switching from app to app is definitely faster though.
  24. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    OK, for all intents and purpoes this is the same build as the first one that was released last week.

    This is the same update (as in exactly the same) as the one a few of us got this past Saturday.

    The methodology used to install the update in this one is different than the one from last week, but the end result is the same - FRG01B.

    As to why they are being idiotic agan - I have my suspicions.
  25. ndoren

    ndoren Well-Known Member

    I think it's all political/legal, and not technical. I suspect that Motorola and Verizon agreed that the new Droid2 would be the first flash capable phone to hit the mass market (via FroYo). Once the FRG01B (FroYo) update started rolling out a few weeks, back, someone cried foul, in that the old Droid was becoming flash capable first. Interestingly, on the morning the Droid2 was released (today), the FRG01B update (identical to previous) started flowing again. Coincidence? I think not. There clearly was no bug in FRG01B, or they'd not resume sending the identical update. I think the timing of the Droid2 release and the simultaneous resumption of the OTA FRG01B update makes my case. There must have been an agreement that the Droid2 was to get FroYo first, and by officially delaying FRG01B until today, all parties involved met the letter of the agreement.

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