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Just got a G1 on eBay and have a question about SIM card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Member110111, May 26, 2010.

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    I just got a G1 on eBay for my wife. She currently has a Blackberry Pearl Flip. Everything I read said I would need to switch the data to an Android plan. SHe currently has unlimited Blackberry web + Unlimites messages for $34.99. I talked to t-mobile and they said it would go up to $45 total for android data and unlimited messages because they no longer offer the $34.99 plans.

    The thing is when I put her SIM in the phone everything worked fine. I have a 3G signal and I can get to everything. Would they even know if I just kept the Blackberry data plan but used the G1? It would be nice to save the $10 a month if I could.

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  2. When I first put my sim card in without the "Android data plan" it worked fine for about a day then stopped. I dont know if it was a time limit thing or if it stopped working after I rebooted the phone. I had this happen to me with two different sim cards.

    I would say if it keeps working after a day or two and if you have restarted the phone then just keep with the blackberry plan.
  3. DarkTLRrider

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    If it works what difference is it to T-Mobile. You are using your plan as you normally would. I personally would have your wife go into a store and make nice with a salesperson and explain she got the phone from you (leaving out the part about you getting it from eBay ) And see if they will change it over for her. But only if it stops working.
  4. Member110111

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    It stopped working but the T-Mobile rep we called gave us the Android unlimited data + unlimited messages for the same $34.99 we were currently paying. So it all worked out.

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