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Just got a new update from SE

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mr_esmit, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. mr_esmit

    mr_esmit Member
    Thread Starter

    Just installed a new update from SE. When i go to the about phone menu, i get the following:

    - Baseband version: 2.1.54
    - Kernel Version: 2.6.29
    - Build Number: 2.1.A.0.435

    The only new app installed due to this is something called Neoreader which is bascially a barcode reader (had one already). The touch screen seems more responsive and I kept the multitouch feature I installed before

    The down side is I'm gonna have to root again and install the font I had before.

    Anyone else get this update?? What were your findings??? Thanks.

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  2. KTP

    KTP Android Enthusiast

    what country are you from?
    i installed a variation of this rom last night but it was missing features and generally had issues that put me off it but i guess it depends on where its released from.
  3. charlyee

    charlyee Android Enthusiast

    I did last night as well. I re rooted with Super One Click 1.55 and deleted Neoreader amongst other SE bloatware. The screen does feel more responsive and the Calendar is entirely different, I will know about the battery by the end of the day.

    I never missed MT but now that i have, I kind of like it.:)
  4. wynney666

    wynney666 Android Enthusiast

    So reading this, does it mean all phone content will be lost with the update???
  5. jackx10

    jackx10 Member

    I lost all my apps in the udate to 2.1 so with this its gonna be the same I think---- so the update is out and is real
    ? he didnt say his country yet..
  6. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    I got the same update here in the US, but I was flashed with Global Generic, then updated with SEUS. Rooted and installed Titanium Backup, then restored my apps. Then I installed a custom ROM.
  7. baz@gmx.co.uk

    baz@gmx.co.uk Well-Known Member

    This is the 'new' baseband update from SE, if you are already on 2.1 it should not interfere with any apps/data installed - but will need to re-root after update.
    you will find the new 1 touch zoom feature in gallery/mediascape and DTouch on others (pinch etc on browser and supported 3rd party apps)

    I have found it to be a tad unstable, market has 'failed to download' and have had 2 random re-boots so far - but i have rooted and optimised, so i don't know if it is just the update causing issues alone - or the update + tweaks together that is the problem!

    New batter saver is nice idea - but still no 'auto' option for brightness on the stock ROM.

    Could do with a new 'safe to remove' list!!

    As a point of interest, i have found that once on the new baseband i cannot recover custom ROMs that were on the old baseband.
  8. charlyee

    charlyee Android Enthusiast

    Where is the battery saver feature?

    Thanks Much. :)
  9. x10iii

    x10iii Well-Known Member

    just to clarify something: so if i have 2.1 and i run the multi-touch update via SEUS or ota, none of my apps will get deleted right? or do i have to back them up?
  10. Mxtc

    Mxtc Well-Known Member

    It won't delete your apps. I think it is good. This phone needed multi touch. It also seemed to improve the keyboard speed and accuracy.
  11. mr_esmit

    mr_esmit Member
    Thread Starter

    Nop, no user data will be lost, but's it's always a good idea to schedule back ups periodically.
  12. mr_esmit

    mr_esmit Member
    Thread Starter

    This feature is visible when you tap the "support" icon in the menu.
  13. mr_esmit

    mr_esmit Member
    Thread Starter

    No apps will deleted, but you will have to reroot and reerase any SE apps that you diddn't like cause it will reinstall stuff like MEdiascape, Timescape, creatatouch, quadrapop, etc...
  14. charlyee

    charlyee Android Enthusiast

    Thanks, I don't see a support icon, I probably deleted it. What does it do? Is it worth running the upgrade again, re rooting, and re deleting bloatware?

    Thanks :)
  15. x10iii

    x10iii Well-Known Member

    i havent been notified about the update yet... is it out for everyone? im vodafone branded btw..
  16. baz@gmx.co.uk

    baz@gmx.co.uk Well-Known Member

    It is just a quick settings feature that allows you to reduce battery consumption by adjusting things like brightness, wifi sleep, and some others. Nothing you didn't already have access to - just a bit more convenient!
    If you have already cleared up stuff then i wouldn't go through it all again just for the battery bit!!
    charlyee likes this.
  17. baz@gmx.co.uk

    baz@gmx.co.uk Well-Known Member

    Are you running any custom ROMs? I got the update through PC companion after re-flashing the stock .24 firmware, but was not offered an update OTA.

    It is worth updating - seeing as all new development will probably be on the new baseband, but as i mentioned - i think it will render any older ROMs useless (unless you revert to an older firmware first, but this is just imo, not confirmed)

    If you are not rooted - just connect to PC-companion or SEUS.

    hope some of this helps!!!
  18. x10iii

    x10iii Well-Known Member

    this is the multi-touch update right?
  19. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    i unbranded and rooted my phone to get the 2.1 update sooner than t mob put it out so i was wondering, do i need to unroot my phone to get this new update. ive run seus but it tells me i have the latest update already.

  20. baz@gmx.co.uk

    baz@gmx.co.uk Well-Known Member

    Well, "Dual-touch" - plus a few SE tweaks :)
  21. baz@gmx.co.uk

    baz@gmx.co.uk Well-Known Member

    I am not sure Ric, i happened to have just started-over with my phone, i had plugged into PC-companion in order to get updated and was not expecting it to be a new(er) update!

    I would guess that root does not hinder the process as the update will wipe it - as with previous updates.
  22. x10iii

    x10iii Well-Known Member

    me too, im unrooted and just tried, but SEUS says i have the latest software...
  23. baz@gmx.co.uk

    baz@gmx.co.uk Well-Known Member

    tried pc-companion? I assumed that SEUS would offer the update too, but i got mine through pc-companion!!

    Also, - you unrooted, but do you have Binarys' dual-touch? this might prevent the update too.
  24. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    so will i have to root and unbrand again if i update?

  25. baz@gmx.co.uk

    baz@gmx.co.uk Well-Known Member

    I did, but when i started the update i had a stock rom, un-rooted with no jit/xrec. So i don't know for sure if they are all wiped with this update - and i would advise caution with re-installing xrec especially, hopefully a more experienced member can answer this one better for you!!!!! hey, i try!!

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