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Just got an LG Optimus Chic... now what?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sarahsunshine, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. sarahsunshine

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    I just got an LG Optimus Chic (and live in Canada) - wasn't intending to get anything, but it was free with $20/mo... (family plan) I hope to use it mostly on Wi-Fi systems, calling (while carting the kids around), and for carting documents back and forth to work. I'll probably put music on it too.

    Now what?

    1. Is it possible to have a pseudo "MS word" and how does it work? Is it worth the cost and how much?

    2. What apps seem to be best and would work on this new phone?

    3. I downloaded a couple and when I try to open them I only gt a blank screen.. is there something I need to do or ar they just a no-go with this phone?

    4. I want a call recorder. What is the best (free) one.

    5. I plan to do long-distance on it, using a Skype-like app. Is Skype the best in Canada? How do I know how much they will charge?

    6. How do I get rid of Bell's garbage from my screen (Rihanna and wack-a-mole), and the automatic google and some apps (I don't watch TV thanks, I don't want it on my phone!)

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  2. QuickOffice and Documents To Go are two popular apps. Both are free to view files, but require a purchase to edit them.

    There are many "best" and "popular" apps threads on here, spend some time browsing around and I'm sure you will find many fun apps.

    What apps?

    call recording isn't hardware supported in android. Any call recording apps on the market will just record the conversation through the microphone. So to hear the other caller, you will need to use the speakerphone so the mic can pick it up. Be aware of your local laws though. In most places, it's illegal to record a call unless you notify the other party that you are recording.

    menu-settings-applications-manage applications. Be aware however, some apps are built into the system by your provider. These apps will require you to be rooted to remove them.

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