Android Expert
Jan 9, 2010
A type of thread that probably hasn't been posted in almost a year. I bought a Droid X to use as an mp3 player/point and shoot camera. Its rooted with...I'm not sure what, but it works well and that's all that matters.

I know Motorola's support of software sucks, but the build quality on this is amazing or maybe I've been subjected to bad phones. Overall I'm really pleased with my purchase. If anyone has anything to add on what I should/shouldn't/maybe/totally forbidden on doing would be helpful.
You're using your DX as an mp3 player? I've been there, and I will never go near that path again, lows and mids are super muddy, and the audio jack is finicky (will think its plugging in/unplugging if you look at too hard when it gets older) and of course storage space is limited in that way nearly all modern players are. Now I use a (beastly) Cowon x7, which has a pretty terrible stock interface (acceptable ones can be installed easily), but a huge battery, 160gb of storage and by far the best SQ of any player I've encountered, ever.

However, if you insist on using your Droid X as a music player, I'd strongly suggest you download poweramp, best/most robust equalizer of any app I've seen, pretty good interface too.

EDIT: Typos + Ah yeah, if you love podcasts, android interface is superior to just about everything.
My demands for an mp3 player are not that great. It's working out very well, I can download the podcasts right off my wifi without having to use my computer as an intermediary. And since its mainly talk radio, and I'm not an audiophile I have been enjoying it very much.