Just got my DX2


Well I bought my DX2 on Wednesday off of Amazon wireless so I got it for $150.00. They said it would get to me by Tuesday but instead I got it today! I love Amazon, they are always so fast.

Thanks to this site I also got the essentials pack for $20.00 although I wasn't here when Fedex came they will deliver tomorrow instead.

Well I haven't had as much time to play with the phone then I would like but so far I Love It!

The phone is so fast and the screen is beautiful and big. I am coming from the Incredible which was my first Android phone. Before that I had the Omnia.

Everything is so smooth on this phone. It doesn't even feel like there is a screen beneath my fingers, just air.

The battery life is great. On the Incredible with an extended battery it would be dead after work. No signal where I work so it would search. Tonight I got home and it was at 70%. Amazing.

Although it is only 3G it is still fast. While connected to wifi I downloaded a game and before I could get out of the market the game was downloaded and installed. That is incredible, no pun intended I suppose, lol.

I have been reading these forums ever since the DX2 launched on the 19th. About the the phone saying droid multiple times I realized that was the default notification ringtone. I changed that pretty fast. Not sure if this is the same issue other people have but it is worth a shot.

I would add to this post later when I play with the phone some more but as of right now I love it and wouldn't change anything. It is great and highly recommended!

Also for those looking for a phone I am selling my incredible on ebay.

If I can't sell it on ebay I will post it in the classifieds on here.
Real quick. It has screen protector, case, extended battery and no marks, dings or scratches. Works great!

I will keep everyone posted on the new phone and things I like and dislike about it.


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I am saving my Incredible as a back-up, since loaded with apps, rooted and works good with wifi tether. Nice backup :)

Once Moto at least fixes the MP3/music skipping and the likely issue that Flash is sporadically causing performance and heat problems , the DX2 will be IMO an A+ device.


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So these are the bugs/issues in DX2 from what I saw here.

1. Overheating, lagging after gaming, videos or heavy usage since booting.
2. Browsers defaulting to mobile versions of sites.
3. Facebook contact sync.
4. MP3 files skipping.

The way I see is...

No. 1 above seems like quite serious issue. Others can probably fixed by firmware though. No. 2, I only saw rushmore reporting this, but not others. So I don't know. No. 3, some are saying it's just syncing fine with phone or gmail contact. But it appears to not allow getting to sync contact setting in Facebook. No. 4, pretty much everyone seems to experience this problem.


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Rushmore also contends that the overheating is tied to Flash - which to me means it likely WILL be fixable via firmware.


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I boldly suggest that Flash is sometimes hanging onto resources, even when the function is exited from and this is why other resource heavy apps seems like they are causing it.

Since restarting the DX2 and not messing with Flash, I have had no lag or heat issues. Could be coincidence, but so far okay. Seems Flash sometimes does not want to let go of resources- for whatever reason.

This also explains why a restart fixes the issue, since it shut everything down.

Not 100% sure what is happening, but seems an obvious firmware issue to me.