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Just got my G2, questions (mods, move?)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by michalik.piotr, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. michalik.piotr

    Thread Starter

    (I did not see an HTC G2 forum)

    Is there any way to *permanently* set the calendar view in week? Mine keeps reverting to month view after a while, every time. I know how to change the views, thats not the issue... prob is it keeps defoulting to month view from week after a while.

    2nd question, are the LED lights suppostu blink for email, text, voice mail and missed calls in stock form, ie: w/o an LED app?? Seems mine were not so i had to install an LED app then turn off the stock notification under the pre installed aps on the phone to avoid duplicate icons in the tast bar and double beeps from the phone.

    I don't like having duplicate programs that don't seem to work with each other and then having to mess with the notifications in both programs to get things synced.

    I also had to install and run handcent sms b/c for the life of me i could not figure out how to set my picture icon so i could see it in the stock text app. i can see it in email and "talk" but not texting. really annoying. Yes, i did add myself to contacts and i did set and re set it on the computer.

    i bought the g1 on the day it came out and it was an awesome phone....never had any of these or any other problems. this g2 is well....not as good. but def waaay better over the iphone i just returned.

    so, to re cap:
    1. any way to permanently set calendar in week view? and don't tell me to get some app for a diff calendar. lame.
    2. do the LED blink in stock form or do i need an app to make them blink for notifications?
    3. any way to get my pic icon to show up in texting w/o running handcent sms?

    thanks, peter

    also, any simple directions on rooting? i tired the visionary and astro route but can't get visionary to open on my phone!

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  2. ironass

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  3. michalik.piotr

    Thread Starter

    I thought it was just called the G2, but if thats what the full name is then yes....

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