Help Just got my Nexus S 4G -How to Max my Battery First Time?

Just got it via UPS today. Was super excited, so it was half charged when I first turned it on. It has less than 15% battery now, j/w whats the BEST way to make sure this battery is maximized for long term use?

Should I let it drain completly before charging? OR

Should I just charge what's left and charge for the next 10 hours? (over night) OR

Should I charge more than 10 hours the first time?

I guess I can charge over night, then unplug, go to work and continue charging if necessary.

Am I recommended NOT to use my phone while its charging??

Any other tips in charging or training the battery?

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I've stopped long ago about worrying about "conditioning" my batteries. When I get a new phone I just start using it and charge it whenever I need to and top off when I get a chance.

It is a lithium battery, no memory effects. So don't worry about if the way you first charge it will somehow affect it's total life.
Ok! I got this phone about 4 days ago and i was upset that the battery was giving me issues over night once it dropped 13% and im like i didn't even use it my evo never did that. well anyways Today i decided to do a battery test So i wiped the phone out and left it stock with a few app installs that i primary use. Here is my report

12hs and 36m and 4 sec on battery.
Display 35%---4hrs 18m 20s
Voice 34%---1h 55m 19s
Android System 6%---keep awke 4m 47s, cpu total 4m 15s, cpuforground 4m 15s
Music 5%--31 m 45s, cpu total 4m 50s, cpu forground 6c
Cell Standby 4%---12h 38m 1s time without signal 2%
Messaging 3%---Keep awake 2m 7, cpu 8m 31s, cpu foreground 8m 22s
Wi-FI 3%---6h 16m 51s, cup total 11s
android Core Apps 3%cup total 6m 51s, cpu foreground 5m 5s,
android os 3%---cpu - 6m 24s
Media server 2% cup total 5m 47s
Dialer 2% cpu 30s, cpu foreground 12s,,keep awake 20m 13s

**im sure that some changes would be made due to the fact i had to type all this info in but im still at 12% and it is 1:42 im gonna say i prob got almost 13hrs which i think is good. I would enclude photos but i can not take photos of my screen cuz not sure if i have to be rooted or not.

i did not close any apps at all today .

It is about 1:36am and i have 12% left.

what my settings were all like

WI-FI was shut off all day expect the 6hrs * i kinda just left it on.
Mobile network off *used a couple times not long
System select Home only
Display brightness Automatic
Screen time out 1 min
Locations all shut off
Syncing off all day exepct for the last 2hrs cuz i was playing around with my phone and forgot to turn it off.
Privacy Everything unchecked
so that is my report today im gonna to do another one with all the apps and customizations that i love to do and c how that goes :)

APPS I DID INSTALL today where

Shootme i did like a hour ago to take screen shots
live profile
Group sms pro
Google maps
Kick back

Any suggestions on helping me improve my battery life would be great thanks Hope this was useful to someone else :)