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Support Just got my SGS........

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Drewsy, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Drewsy

    Drewsy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    first of all, please be patient with me as I'm not the most gifted when it come to technology !

    I've just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 on Orange (UK). On browsing through these forums, I notice people discussing Firmware updates (Kies, Froyo).

    Are there huge benefits to be had by upgrading to the above ?

    Is it worth all the bother for a relative newbie to upgrade ?

    The reason I'm asking is because I installed Kies today and was prompted to upgrade from...... PDA:JM5 / PHONE:JM1 / CSC:JM3 (ORA) to.... PDA:JP8 / PHONE:JP3 / CSC:JP8 (ORA), however when I did so the upgrade didn't complete and my phone was left in download mode. I had to remove the battery before I could get it working normally again (phew !)

    Could it be because my phone is locked to Orange ?

    Any help on this would be much appreciated and if you feel like giving me any other general tips on the SGS feel free !




  2. danetweedale

    danetweedale Newbie

    Being a newbie to android myself I cant really shed much light but I don't think it failed because its locked to orange as the software would know all the details about your phone and provide your with the correct version, which by it saying: JM8(ORA) I would say it knows its orange

  3. antoeknee

    antoeknee Well-Known Member

    My SGS is on Orange as well and was updated to 2.2 through Kies.

    You can check which version you have

    goto settings and about phone, the version will be shown here.

    Personally I've found 2.2 better than 2.1 and adds flash support as well.

    I've had better battery life as well though others have reported worse!
  4. CFH

    CFH Newbie

    Dont suppose anyone has claimed the free samsung offer for

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