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just got my verizon xperia play today love it but wtf

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 4LC4PON3, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. 4LC4PON3

    4LC4PON3 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I cant play any of the preinstalled games. Pops up that it needs to download some stuff but only works using wifi. I dont have wifi in my home since i dont have internet except on my phone. Now i gotta go find a source somewhere

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  2. yoyohere2

    yoyohere2 Member

    hmm, that's weird. i remember i was able to play most of the games without any wifi connection. I was at the mall when I first turned on phone and activated the phone. My friends and I were playing asphault 6 and star batalion right away in the mall. i got the phone through fedex delivery.
  3. el_corto

    el_corto Lurker

    when i got mine last week I had to do updates for all the games, standard routine for Sony and all there games on there devices!! Best to ask a mate if you can use theres or find a open one!
  4. 4LC4PON3

    4LC4PON3 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yeah i just dont get why you have to have WIFI to do the update. Why it cant just use the 3G. its only the games that run with gameloft that want you to use WIFI. I was able to update the sims which is EA through 3G
  5. Ncaissie

    Ncaissie Well-Known Member

    Because the game downloads are small then it downloads the rest of the game to the sd card to save space. It let's you buy games anywhere over 3G. If you downloaded the full game over 3G your data plan would go through the roof. I only have a 1gb plan that is shared with my wife. One game would kill that. If you want to stick to shitty little phone games then go ahead. You can tell which games are going to be large by the quality of the game. PSX games took up almost an entire CD which is 700MB.
  6. jkr284

    jkr284 Newbie

    Gameloft does annoy me, i have true unlimited data on 3 here in the UK, its my only internet connection at home. I play my PC/ps3 through the xplays hotspot feature fine.
    Why cant we play multiplayer games over 3g? This is a portable device after all!!
    Why not let us have the choice of downloading sd data over wifi or 3g?
  7. 4LC4PON3

    4LC4PON3 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I got all the games back I went to my brothers house to reddownload them
  8. Ncaissie

    Ncaissie Well-Known Member

    It should be optional but a lot of stupid people would freak out when it goes over the cap. A lot of people have caps. As for multi play over wifi I didn't notice. I haven't tried but that is stupid. Probably the same reason.
    Like it or not there are idiots who sue companies for large phone bills. Look at Apple, I believe they got sued.
  9. DeadlyDazza

    DeadlyDazza Well-Known Member

    Welcome to 2011, where people buy smartphones & have wireless Internet at home.
  10. Ncaissie

    Ncaissie Well-Known Member

    LOL yeah.

    Connect to a neighbors wi-fi

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