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Just got the android 2.3.5 update!:-)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Superand, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Superand

    Superand Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just got the android 2.3.5 update and the sense 3.0 update in Denmark. Also an update for android market. Looks ok!

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  2. Warmedal

    Warmedal Lurker

    Yeah I just installed it... But It seems that the lockscreens doesnt work so good for me..

    It doesnt matter that shortcut I click on, I just gets to the homescreen.
  3. Superand

    Superand Newbie
    Thread Starter

    everything is smoother and faster. New software for camera and album. The lock screen works fine for me. My videos however has disappeared after the update. Maybe a backup is a good idea before you update. Also everything looks a bit paler in the home screens.
  4. travisbest

    travisbest Newbie

    You should drag one of those 4 icons into that ring... ;)
  5. sombanerjee4

    sombanerjee4 Newbie

    Any one got the update in India?
  6. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Android Expert

    Boy, I sure am jealous y'all!!!

    I also have to say, Wow! Y'all weren't nervous downloading a whopping 228mb update!!?
    Man, how long did that take?
    I bet there were some users that weren't prepared for that (battery not being fully charged) that died during this update, probably kinda frying their phones somewhat. :(

    That's a big update, I can only Verizon in the U.S. will give us this but, that's a large file there...

    Congrats y'all!!! :) ;)
  7. DjIceman

    DjIceman Lurker

    Hi, I was wondering. When i get a text message, it appears in large on my lockscreen. But how can i open it instantly? Or drag.. to open it, instead of going to messages first and then select te received text?

    (i'm not from an english speaking country so you might have some trouble understanding my problem.)

    grtz, from belgium !
  8. ashvarma

    ashvarma Newbie

    In India ... got my update on Dec. 13. No issues with install. So far I have just noticed some cosmetic UI changes (nothing exceptional) for what is supposedly HTC Sense 3.0, new (better) threaded SMS view. Haven't noticed any changes in power consumption profile.

    Would have liked them to fix the Automatic Brightness setting to be more intelligent, right now I think that automatic brightness is too high for this SLCD screen for lasting a full day on battery. I have it set to about 25% manually, is enough for most lighting situations and my phone easily lasts one full day of use.
  9. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Android Expert

    Try the brightness widget by curvefish & put it on your main homescreen. It's what I use. You can see the screen at night indoors with it on 0% & still see it. I think it allows setting the brightness lower than by doing it in the phone settings...

  10. thtl

    thtl Newbie

    With Wi-Fi it was not so bad. Took me around 5 minutes when I did the upgrade at home. Installation will check your battery status and will not continue unless battery level is at 35% or more.
  11. shashidharsm

    shashidharsm Lurker

    Hi ashvarma, you got this OTA on 13th this month? I am from India too (B'lore) and haven't received it yet. Has it got anything to do with the network provider that I am on?

    I have been facing the dreaded com.android.phone Force Close issue ever since I upgraded my HTC IncS to Gingerbread and I am hoping this update will help me get rid of it. (anyone else facing the same here?)


  12. ashvarma

    ashvarma Newbie

    If your phone was purchased unbranded (by carrier) in open market, then software upgrades do not depend on the carrier.

    It depends on model number and physical location (country). My model is S710E.

    What is yours?

    The other thing is that automatic software upgrade notification has never worked for me. I had to check manually and then found this one.

  13. Jerry1982

    Jerry1982 Lurker

    Hi ashvarma, My HTC Incredible S is also S710E, and I am also from Bangalore. I purchased this in June 2011 unbranded (by carrier) in open market through an HTC authorized Dealer but however I am unable to get this update OTA. Please suggest how you got this updtae manually? I am also eager like the other INC S users to see the update on my beauty :)
  14. shashidharsm

    shashidharsm Lurker

    Well, I have the same IncS; I did not know that we get models other than S710E here in India :)

    And yeah, like Jerry1982, I bought mine in June this year, unbranded, from an authorized dealer here in Bangalore, and got the OTA for 2.3.3 in the first week of July. I have been checking for software updates manually ever since I saw your reply. :D

    Will update here as soon as I get it. :)
  15. ashvarma

    ashvarma Newbie

    Shashidharsm: it is incorrect for anyone to assume that the other person has bought the phone in India or is a particular model as a result. For example, I bought mine in US, and was shipped to US from Hong Kong.

    Jerry1982: I simply did "Check Now" in Software Updates. There is no magic there :).

  16. Ujang

    Ujang Lurker

    Halo guys. Is there any of u guys experienced any problem after the update? Mine was upgraded to 2.3.5 this morning, everything looks nice until i receive a call n i cant answer it! My phone keep on forcing close with error message 'com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly'.
    Is there anyone out there facing the same case with me?? I just dont know how to fix this, I've sent like 20+ error report to htc, but still not ok up until now.. Help me... x_x
  17. pmm75

    pmm75 Newbie

    Pro: Runs smoothly, nice lock screens
    Con: Wallpapers do not scroll, HTC locations crashes everytime I run it unless I run it from widget
  18. dixy1964

    dixy1964 Lurker

    got rid of 'com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly' by uninstalling Advanced Task Killer, no problems since
  19. Jerry1982

    Jerry1982 Lurker

    hi Ashvarma, this is precisely what I have been doing and I am quite a prolific user of Android phones, so I am aware that there is no "Magic" needed ;) .
    What I wanted to know was that did anyone in India get the update yet? If so, was it OTA or the did they get the ROM. I found original HTC ROM for HTC Inc S in one of the forums for 2.3.5 with Sense 3.0, but the problem is that they were Asia & WWE ROM and these are not accepted for the one we brought in India and it gives error:
    ERROR [131]: CUSTOMER ID ERROR: basically meaning that the Model ID and Language ID are incompatible with this model of Android phone.

    So I am looking around for help to see if any one can help ;)
  20. Ujang

    Ujang Lurker

    I don't have that, but i do have Free Advanced Task Manager, could that be the culprit?
  21. Ujang

    Ujang Lurker

    Uninstalled Free Advanced Task Manager today, but still the same prob occurs.. S*** i felt like trashing my phone now..
  22. sivaragupathy

    sivaragupathy Lurker

    Does anybody know when the update is coming into Australia??
  23. soroush

    soroush Lurker

    i'm from Iran.

    my phone jams during install update to 2.3.5 and turned off
    and it doesn't turn on.

    when I pluged in to charge the black screen with update line progress appear and after 5 minutes turned off

    can you tell me if there is any solution ?
    anybody not find any solution in Iran ?
    plz help me :( :( :(:(:(:(:(:(
  24. soroush

    soroush Lurker

    I removed and replaced the battery. I also tried started in safe mode (POWER+VOL DOWN) but phone didn't turn on . and PC not recognized phone when I connected
  25. ywkent

    ywkent Lurker

    Hi, you have just saying that found the original HTC ROM for HTC IS which for Asia, could you please inform me where you get it from and what is the link? Thank you so much!! I'm from Malaysia and I did not get the update until today..what's wrong with HTC SEA...

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