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Just got the phone today

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TechSys, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. TechSys

    TechSys Member
    Thread Starter

    Had to get rid of my coolpad quattro 4g. That phone was a piece of crap. No wonder MetroPCS discontinued it as quick as they did.

    Anyways, I bought the Fierce today and have totally fallen in love with the phone. android 4.2.2 is quite a learning curve, coming from what the coolpad had (2.something if I remember)
    Like the phone so much, my wife, who still has the LG Optimus M, will be getting the Fierce for Christmas. I think she will be happy.

    The only thing I don't like, so far, is the home screen. When I added something like fancy widgets, it won't let me move it to the top of the screen, where the google search was (I turned it off, somehow). Even with that app gone, it still won't let me move things all the way to the top. Kinda sucks and looks stupid with the widgets in the center of the screen.

    Took a couple pictures with it, in the dark and with a flash. Damn nice picture actually. I was under the impression that the camera sucked on this phone, but to me it isn't.

    Am I going to root it? Probably, but I want to make sure that if there is an OTA update it will do the update and not crap out like the coolpad did.

    Do I recommend this phone? Hell yea. The phone came with 60% battery when I bought it. I played with it for 4 hours non stop, surfing the web and installing apps and facebook stuff. When I got done, it was at %59 battery. Not bad at all.

    Now I got to figure some things out. Just downloaded the user manual for it. Got to get used to android 4.2.2, but I don't think it will be that hard to do.

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    Almost all OTA updates will quit if the phone is rooted. Not that you can't update a rooted phone - the carriers won't.


    Condition the battery. (I won't even let the store set my phone up with the battery I'm going to take home with it - your battery, external power or set it up, keep the battery and give me a new replacement.)

    FULLY charge the phone with the power off. Disconnect the charger and use the phone normally (whatever is normally for you) until the phone tells you to plug in the charger. Turn the phone off and charge it fully.

    Go through this cycle 3 times - 3 full charges, 3 discharges. You'll get a bit longer time between charges - but the total lifespan of the battery will be ... well, you'll probably toss the old thing before it needs a new battery. Thieves don't steal phones that old, even if you beg them to. (I still get full life from the original battery on by Motorola V551. That's from the time they started putting - get this new invention - CAMERAS on cellphones. When my brand new Note 3 got clobbered by an OTA, I had the carrier cut a SIM for the 551 for me to use on that number until the Note 3 was replaced. Who says batteries can't last 10 years - or more?)

    I think there's a user manual for Android 4.2 itself - not sure if there's one for 4.2.2.
  3. mrrom

    mrrom Android Enthusiast

    That's cool to hear. I love this phone too but I hope this phone gets development in the future
  4. TechSys

    TechSys Member
    Thread Starter

    I usually do that but couldn't at the time I got the phone. I picked it up during lunch break at work and being that I was on call for emergencies, had to have the phone turned on throughout the rest of the day.
    That is the one thing I do not like about this phone. Why a sealed battery. Pretty much going to suck if something does happen to the battery. Will have to get a whole new phone.

    Went to go get the wife one for Christmas today but forgot one big thing. Metropcs will not let you walk out of the store with a phone that is not activated. I couldn't do that at the time due to wife being out of town until Monday. Didn't want to leave her without phone capability. So, I am going to wait until Thursday or Friday and take her to go pick one up. Supposedly the store is going to hold one for me until then, but we will see.
  5. TJayDroid

    TJayDroid Well-Known Member

    I've kept considering this phone for the past week as an upgrade for my aging LG-Motion (MetroPCS); but the camera's lack of auto-focus really blows my mind.

    Price point on the thing is awesome, but heck.... I can't remember having a camera without auto-focus. Is not having it really that bad?
  6. TechSys

    TechSys Member
    Thread Starter

    I haven't had a problem with the camera. I had to do replace an idler arm on my van a couple days ago and used the camera to take pics of it. Focused great, gave a flash, snapped the picture, and it came out looking real nice.

    The one problem I am having is wi-fi notifications are driving me crazy. Everywhere I go I get a notification. Tired of hearing it and can't figure out how to turn it off.

    I've read to go to settings, touch wi-fi, then press and hold the menu key to bring up advanced wi-fi settings. It doesn't work on this phone. I can't get into the advanced wi-fi settings.
  7. TechSys

    TechSys Member
    Thread Starter

    I got the notifications turned off. I guess I wasn't pressing and holding the menu key exactly right. Got into the advanced wi-fi settings and was able to uncheck the open wi-fi network notification
  8. tindodger

    tindodger Member

    Try holo launcher HD phone runs more smooth (my opinion) also you get an extra row so you can move apps all the way to the top. Camera is not that bad just don't leave settings in auto preset cloudy takes nice pics
    *holo launched HD pic

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  9. TechSys

    TechSys Member
    Thread Starter

    I put Everything Home launcher on mine. I love the app even though it's a beta.

    Face recognition works great for unlocking the screen. Voice recognition doesn't. Didn't even pick up my voice when trying to unlock the screen.

    Still playing with it, but I am really liking this phone
  10. bisonmison

    bisonmison Newbie

    Hello everyone I unfortunately soft bricked my Alcatel
    One Touch Fierce by modding the build.prop and now I'm stuck at T-Mobile screen. Can someone do a back up of their device and upload it to me please. I gladly pay-pal some bucks your way.

    To do a back up

    Thanks in advance and best wishes this holiday season.
  11. gdasilva16

    gdasilva16 Member

    i know that this is old, but i joined Metro and got the Fierce and love it!!
  12. rocker5969

    rocker5969 Newbie

    I.m on the opposite end of the spectrum here. I've had my fierce lock up on me 3 times because I rebooted it while still connected to my pc. It took days each time for the battery to discharge enough to start recharging again and become useable again.

    The touch screen sucks - it is a real pain for a long tap to register so I can do simple things like delete files or add shortcuts or widgets.
    The data transfer rates suck, even @ 4 bars of 4G. Sometimes it wlil show 4 bars of 4G and still bomb out with the "you have no internet connection" - outside on clear days. Unless I go into the data settings and set it to WCDMA only it will spend most of it's time on 2G.

    I, too switched from the Motion to this piece of crap. Mainly for the bigger screen and the quad core processor, but this phone is abysmal compared to the Motion. I will probably eat the 50 bucks I paid for this and go back to the Motion.
  13. gdasilva16

    gdasilva16 Member

    just got the Fierce a few days ago, and i absolutely love it. i wish it was LTE, but oh well. the quadcore processor is a beast on this phone.
  14. H6RBW

    H6RBW Newbie

    I dropped my LG Spirit last week and the screen shattered. I went into MetroPCS and picked up a Fierce on the salesperson's recommendation. It wasn't my first choice, but they didn't have what I wanted in stock and I needed a phone immediately.

    That said, I've been pretty pleased with it so far. The touchscreen seems a little less responsive than the Spirit's, and the camera will sometimes have a delay between pressing the shutter button and the picture actually being taken. But, the pictures themselves aren't as bad as some of the reviews I've seen would've led me to believe. And, overall, the phone seems to perform pretty well.
  15. RoccoSocco

    RoccoSocco Newbie

    My Fierce went swimming, so I had to drop back to an older phone. I'd love to replace my Fierce. Can't find a store that still has it though.

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