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Just had a Random reboot and signal strength is unbelievable!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheGoatLantern, May 25, 2010.

  1. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    My Dinc literally just rando-booted and when it started back up my signal strength jumped from 90dbm to 72dbm from 1-2 bars to 3-4! No idea what just happend but was curious to see if this happened to anyone else. BTW I'm in PHX, tempe area!

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  2. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Android Expert

    i had mine reboot a total of 2 times since i got it on the 29th. both times were when streaming music in my car. i wasn't paying attention to signal strength though.
  3. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    This is the first random reboot and I wasn't doing anything on the phone, it was just next to me at my desk when I felt it vibrate, I looked over and saw the INC reboot screen. I was pissed for a second thinking I was falling into the rando reboot issues but it turns out this was a good thing! Also should clarify that although my signal was apparently weak before I never had call quality issues or anything of that nature
  4. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Android Expert

    maybe it was a super stealth update. :)

    my call quality has always been perfect. even at home where service is far from being perfect.
  5. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Would be sweet if it was! Like I said I never had issues with the call quality but I did keep an eye for signal strength in certain areas I frequent and this just amazes me. It is sitting strong at 64 dbm now.... I have no idea what happened...
  6. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Android Expert

    mine has only rebooted streaming radio in my car as said before but that cool man

    INTREPID-NY Android Enthusiast

  8. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Maybe, but Alltel was assimilated a while back I thought? Oh welllad it happened to me :D

    INTREPID-NY Android Enthusiast

    Yes, assimilated. But the Incredible wasn't programmed to use their towers in some cases according to forum posts. I have no idea if that is true as Alltel is a long way from NY.
  10. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    That explains it, thanks a bunch!
  11. Az Scooter

    Az Scooter Member

    I had the same random reboot happen. I need to check my signalstrength.
  12. Az Scooter

    Az Scooter Member

    Just checked in a dead area and was at 80db. Will be interesting to see what it is an a better area
  13. SystemsLock

    SystemsLock Newbie

    I remember Alltel! They had all those comemricals talking about how all the other networks sucked and they were all trying to be like Alltel. Kinda ironic that they got bought.
  14. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Android Expert

    yea i thought their commercials were funny... if you notice near the end of alltel comercials the verizon guy was not participating with the other ones... he was kinda to the side and not talking
  15. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert

    Same here. Random reboot for the first time this morning. I was streaming music in my car.
  16. Syv3n

    Syv3n Well-Known Member

    I live in Tempe and I am a Penguins fan!!! Born and raised in Pitts.
  17. kriswknight

    kriswknight Newbie

    Did you follow Coach Whisenhunt out there? Currently in Pitts.
  18. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Nice! I live in Chandler, and work in Tempe. From Johnston/ebensburgh.
  19. mobilehavoc

    mobilehavoc Well-Known Member

    It could be a random reboot or a PRL. PRL updates require a reboot on the Inc.

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