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Just installed Zagg Invisible Shield, thoughts for Droid X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by deftdrummer, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So my only other experience with screen protectors was on my iphone 3G with a Power Support crystal film that adhered by static cling and I liked that film fairly well, except they were only good for about three months.

    The Invisible shield is new to me with the spray and setting technique, and it was a bit difficult putting it on the Droid X despite being only one solid piece of plastic with no cutouts.

    I knew in advance it would be tricky so I read all the how to's but my thoughts remain the same: The Invisible Shield is overpriced and not worth the hassle.

    Of course, I've only had it installed for about an hour and am going to leave the phone off the unused for the rest of the night. I know the bubbles are supposed to go away and the "orange peel effect" is only obvious in direct sunlight.

    Call me silly, but this just seems like a stupid way to protect your phone. I am fairly certain I got some liquid down in the physical buttons. Any recommendations on a better film, perhaps that uses static cling?

  2. psoulos

    psoulos Newbie

    I just got the SGP Steinheil Ultra Crystal and I must say, it's great. I was worried about messing up the installation so I followed the recommendations and steamed up my bathroom as much as possible. Then I followed the directions on the packaging. After this I left the bathroom and about two minutes later noticed some dust so, while the bathroom was still steamy, I went in and used the scotch tape method to remove any dust. Now it's perfect.

    Highly recommended.
  3. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

  4. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Steamed up your bathroom? I found the film you're talking about on amazon, does it use static cling or a spray?
  5. Doctorsti

    Doctorsti Newbie

    get wrapsol ultra... dry application works really well and does not affect scrolling or touch sensitivity. I have it on mine now and it's great. The only problem with the droid x is that the long strips they give you to cover the perimeter (edge) of the phone make it a really tight fit into any of the docks and just didn't work that well. The front and back along with top and bottom protection are great however.
  6. lilcal70

    lilcal70 Member

    i have zagg on my phone and i absolutely love it..i had the people down at best buy install it & it's absolutely flawless. i got the whole phone covered. my advise would is if you want zach go to best buy and have them do it me personally i love the ultra protection :)
  7. Exiled

    Exiled Android Enthusiast

    I would have to disagree... I had BB install my Zagg shield, and they did an absolutely horrible job. It had at least 5 major dust spots and wasn't aligned properly. And they charge $7, which is a complete rip off.
    I went and got a free warranty replacement online and installed it myself, and its a little better but still nowhere near perfect.

    I noticed that Zagg sort of self-heals itself when its scratched. But it seems to take forever to do so, leaving dents in the shield that are extremely obvious and annoying when scrolling on the screen. It makes it look even worse than it did before...

    Overall, I am extremely disappointed with my Zagg shield. I'll keep using it only because I have the free replacements, but I think I will eventually get a new brand that doesn't require a liquid application.
  8. heyjacleu

    heyjacleu Newbie

    Doesn't work out for everyone. I've had the full body Zagg on both the Storm 1 and Storm 2 and they both worked flawlessly. Installation was a bit of a chore but as long as the fingers are wet and you have patience it works out fine. My only regret is that I did not use a hairdryer to warm up the edges so that it doesn't peel as easy. Overall, excellent protection. I've dropped my phones once or twice on sidewalks and there's barely a scratch.
  9. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter Well-Known Member

    I installed mine my self. Took about 3 days to fully settle in. I waited about 30 secs before turning on the phone. It came out perfect..
  10. vgiant17

    vgiant17 Lurker

    I too began with a Zagg full body shield on my DX. I felt as though it gave the screen a "tacky" feel. My thumb just didn't slide as freely as I would have liked across my screen. I also noticed a loss in screen response due to the thickness of the material. The Zagg definately does its job, but is just not as great as many think. It is also incredibly overpriced ( my place of work sells Zagg, and the markup is horrid )

    I ordered the Steinheil anti-fingerprint and I absolutely love it. Screen response is great, and it allows my thumb to slide freely. I love the matte finish, but if you don't they do make the ultra clear protector as well.
  11. sleepsafe

    sleepsafe Member

    For my experience, Zagg is one of the most difficult screen protectors to install and get a good result. No tape tabs or anything to help you lift the sheet off of the backing cannot help but leave finger prints on the edges from picking at it to get it off of the backing. No matter how wet you get it, it's difficult to reposition it, and unless you get it 100% right the first time you have issues with fingerprints on the sticky side of the film. Many others are easier and end up with better results. And the guarantee, don't throw your F*CK UP away, they want em back if you want a replacement.
  12. Legato

    Legato Well-Known Member

    I've had Zagg IS on the last 4 phones i have owned and two Nintendo DS's. Nothing but great experience with them. YOu just have to take your time when installing it and do it right. Don't rush it and you will be fine. I swear by these things. I haven't had a scratch or scuff on anything in years thanks to these things.

    They aren't for everybody, i'll admit that, most want a quick install, this isn't. But if you take your time with it, they are great.

    why is that a bad thing? If you didn't send in your original they'd have no proof you bought one in the first place. Not a good business model to send out free replacements if you never know if the person even owned one to begin with. Everyone would just say they busted thiers and want a replacement. Zagg would be SOL very fast. Now once they get the original, they know you bought one, now they can send the replacement. It makes perfect sense if you think about it.
  13. sleepsafe

    sleepsafe Member

    Well I would think ordering one from their website and having them deliver it to your residence would be proof enough that you bought it from them. Buying it from a 3rd party is another thing. Buying from their site ought to be proof enough that I bought it, I shouldn't have to send their POS product back to em on my dime. I already paid for a product that didn't work as advertised. As well as shipping to get it to me.
  14. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Sleepsafe's sentiments and my own experience after using now for a few days would be a definite thumbs down for this product. It does do its job like everyone says, but here's what it comes down to.

    If you can't stand having to worry about your phone and keys being in the same pocket, and if you tend to have grubby hands frequently then maybe the Zagg Invisible Shield would be a good product for your needs.

    Furthermore, if you are especially patient and good at tedious longer-than-they-should-be tasks, then it may be a good product for you.

    The problem is though, that Zagg doesn't invest the time and money it would take to make the product great, and for the price paid that is a let down. At the very least some sort of tabs or reverse application method would be better than just winging it at $17 a pop.

    As if that weren't all. The thing's surface really does look and feel like that of an orange peel. For me $17 is going to have to go further like perhaps anti glare.

    At this point I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but my last little gripe is that the film's precision cuts are not so precise after all. You'd think they could at least cut a perfect rectangle correctly.

    Ok. I'm over it.
  15. Foxgguy2001

    Foxgguy2001 Newbie

    Alright, so we've clarified Zagg isn't for the impatient or less skilled installers among us.... I think in terms of it's protection though, It's the best hands down. I'm not the most patient or skilled, but I did a full cover on my Omnia a year and a half ago and I was pleased with the precision, and installation method, it worked well, and to my benefit...upon removing the shield for resale after ordering my X, the Omnia was in otherwise mint condition. I'd been an avid dual sport rider for some time and the phone spent a great deal of time in my tank bag.

    For that reason alone I think the protection offered is amazing. Perhaps I might be a bit more precise or patient, but I found the installation fairly painless. As well the recent installation on my wife's incredible was just as easy as I recall, and the cuts were just fine.

    I purchase these shields not because I have grubby hands or keep my phone and keys in the same pocket... I choose these shields becuase they do an amazing job of keeping my phone looking great throughout whatever they might encounter in my varied and active life, and I do not like the bulk of the snap on or slip on cases.

    I would highly recommend these shields.
  16. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I agree that the protection offered is unrivaled. on the other hand people should ultimately decide if increased screen drag is also a benefit or a bane. I will admit I am starting to like the IS a lot moremore recently though. Also the cover appears to show the impact marks over time where the phone has obsorbed damage. Not Able big deal but there are visible marks. I thinkthink it's good, just not $17 good.
  17. bigtex19

    bigtex19 Android Enthusiast

    i have a zagg on my dx and i think its great. the bubbles all went away, at least they did on mine. i installed it myself and it took all of about five minutes to do, i didnt find it difficult at all to do. i mean all you have to do is follow the directions and just about anyone can do it. as for the water in the buttons try to push the spray towards the sides of the phone. you know, where there are no buttons? lol :D. as for the price, if you just register for the ipad giveaway you can get a coupon easy. i got mine for half price and shipped for like two bucks.
  18. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well, I agree that "all you have to do" is follow the directions, and the how-to on youtube, and use some common sense, but that isn't really my point. I am detecting subtle attempts to make it sound like I am incapable or technically challenged and I don't appreciate it.

    For the record I installed the film correctly and the bubbles went away. The most challenging part was trying to allign the film with the edges while there is still enough spray liquid to keep it movable. Once any part starts adhering the film begins to stretch which will destroy your IS quick like.

    Not really trying to start a war here but ardent defense of products run rampant on this site. I guess I just did what's fair which was try the shield out for a while and give my unbiased opinion supported by facts but that didn't bode so well.

    Anyways the point of the post was mostly to get alternative product ideas that are similar to the IS in principal but do not require spray or difficult installation - not to feud about Zagg's product.

    Anyways I am not being irrational about this, and in all reality I will probably IS for a while longer so that I can make my purchase feel justified for a little while longer.
  19. dennygreen

    dennygreen Android Enthusiast

    I finally removed my invisishield after a month of use. After the 2nd day, it had two nicks in it from my thumbails. Stuck a steinheil ultra crystal on there instead and I like it a lot better. Much easier to install and looks/feels better.
  20. ngsm13

    ngsm13 Member

    Boxwave Crystal Touch, after using over a half dozen type of screen protectors for my past 3 phones, including the Zagg, Seidio, among other cheapies... I will never go back.

    My friend that I sold my previous phone to, refused to believe that there was even a screen protector on the phone (Boxwave Crystal Touch). And the best thing about it, is it was the easiest I have ever installed. Literally had it on my phone perfect without and bubbles, scraping, or wet application. None, it was on in less than 60seconds. Worth the $13 to have no hassle...

  21. binary visions

    binary visions Android Expert

    I have a hard time with all of the rabid defense of the Zagg shields.

    I've owned 3 Zagg shields, all for my two iPhones.

    Now, I'm an extremely meticulous person so my installs were extremely careful and conscientious and my first shield was flat out defective. To their credit, they replaced it.

    Second shield installed fine, except the orange peel effect sucks and it made the touchscreen noticeably tacky, which never went away despite reports that it smooths out over time. I used it for about 8 months until lint and debris working their way under the edges of the screen drove me nuts and I removed it.

    Second iPhone, I got the full body protection. Installation went fine again. The corners of the backside cover lasted maybe a week before they started getting crap stuck under then, and then they wouldn't stick down again no matter how well they were cleaned. I cut off the corners. But crap still worked its way under the edges of the front and back covers. I got frustrated and removed everything.

    The price is outrageous. I'm sure the toughness of the film is unrivaled but how many of you who claim to need the protection have bought another protector (that wasn't junk) and had it sliced through? Just seems to me like an answer in need of a question.
  22. staypuft

    staypuft Newbie

    i had the zagg on my g1 and i didnt like it too much because touch reponse wasnt there, had it on my bb 9700 and it was better since i didnt touch the screen, on my dx i tried the vzw sp's but it was kind of blurry, went with the boxwave anti fingerprint, so easy to install and better viewing compared to the vzw
  23. vr4

    vr4 Well-Known Member

    Almost bought the zagg but after reading reviews on here I decided to get the sgp ultra crystal and couldn't be happier. Install was a snap and you can't even tell its there
  24. bigtex19

    bigtex19 Android Enthusiast

    no no deft i wasnt trying to say you were incapable or ignorant or anything like that. i was just joking around is all. never meant to offend anyone by anything i said. sometimes it is difficult for tone to come across the right way in text on a computer

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