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Just need Last Help- RAzR M SOFT BRICKED!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bossthecall, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. bossthecall

    bossthecall Lurker
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    OKay as you guys know i have bricked my 2nd razr M! :(
    in this device (when bricked)
    bootlloader was LOCKED
    Recovery Was nOT OPENING (now i managed to open)
    Safestrap was installed but was not opening
    here what happens:
    when i open phone it goes to M and then Fastboot with message AP FASTBOOT REASON BOOT FALURE!
    What i already did:
    =tried RSD lite but Preflash Securty Downgrade (something like this error i cant remember perfectly)
    =Flashed Recovery.img manully (by command) it flashed and now i can open recovery yay!
    = tried to maually flash!
    where i need help:
    WHEN I TRY TO FLASH ROM I GET :signature verification failed Error!..
    i tried following ROMS!
    =stock 4.0.4 (when my phone was bricked the stock rom was 4.1.2)
    = jellyblast!
    now i am downloading 4.4.2

    but why this signature verification failed error is coming neeeedddd helpppp!

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