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Just picked me up a Dinc

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrjerryk, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. mrjerryk

    mrjerryk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    After looking on craigslist I picked up a 1 month old Dinc for $200. They even gave me their receipt to prove the purchase date on it. I was using a Moto Droid 1 before and loved it until I started to have problems with them. I was on my 4th "Like new Replacement". I think I am just going to put it on craigslist now and sell it.

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  2. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    Congrats have fun here you have everything you need to root :D
  3. mrjerryk

    mrjerryk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I rooted as soon as I came home. No point in having an Android phone that's not rooted. :D
  4. D0nuts

    D0nuts Newbie

    Beginner question, what can you do when you root? I know that you get full access to the phone but what do you do after that?
  5. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    well, one thing you can do is brick your phone. I'd advise against rooting unless you have aspecific reason to root , and that reason outweighs the risks for you.

    Some positive things you can do with root (in order of complexity/risk): titanium backup, tethering (without the outrageous tethering plan), access to more ui/system settings, get rid of bloatware, flash a more effifcient or a faster kernel, flash a rom (i'm running gingerbread (cm7) right now). Probably a few I missed.
  6. Smabbage

    Smabbage Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the family. :)
  7. mrjerryk

    mrjerryk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I like knowing that I OWN the device. I'm able to do whatever it is that I want with the product the I purchased.

    I don't recommend anyone doing it unless they are 100% comfortable with the fact that they may break it. It's not likely that you will, but there is always the chance.

    I also like running custom mods on my phones. I have yet to try any out on the Incredible.

    I am using Wireless Tether. I won't be charged the Verizon tethering charge. At least I never did when I was using it on my Motorola Droid.
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  8. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    typo...I meant without the outrageous cost. That's why I rooted (thinking about getting a tablet, and want to tether it to my phone). Fixing that now.
  9. mrjerryk

    mrjerryk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm thinking the same thing. I am looking at the Samsung Tab. If I get it then I will tether it to my phone as well.
  10. D0nuts

    D0nuts Newbie

    Thanks guys, for now I'm not going to root.
  11. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    Is it actually possible to brick an Inc by rooting? I know people tried to brick the Eris by doing absolutely ridiculous things that anyone with half a brain wouldn't do (eg. pulling the battery during a radio flash) and they weren't successful. Just curious before I get into the rooting game with a new phone haha.
  12. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    Yes. It is possible to brick your phone in the rooting process. However, the odds of that are small (i'm guessing the odds of irrecoverably bricking the phone are about the same as getting a bank error in your favor outside of monopoly).

    However, once you have root you absolutely can completely mess up your device.

    I wouldn't discourage anyone from rooting, more than likely if you read up beforehand and are careful it will go flawlessly. But just be aware there are risks (not to mention "losing" the warranty). If you aren't going to do anything with it, you shouldn't root.
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  13. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    Haha after having rooted a leaked Eris using command prompts, the unRevoked method looks like a cake walk, besides I am more than man enough to admit that I don't know nearly enough to mess with anything too harmful haha. I'm still up in the air as to whether or not I want to root anyway. I miss wireless tether, but besides that the other issues that led to me rooting my Eris (battery life and lag) are non-existent. I'm getting 40 hours of battery life with the same usage that was netting me 24 on the Eris and there is no lag to speak of. Unfortunately, there is still that little devil on my left shoulder that really wants to see MIUI on my phone just to say I've done it haha.

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