Just purchased SG2 - need advice


Hello - Just purchased two SG2's for my wife and me. I have an LG Optimus with numerous apps most of which are on the SD card. One in particular is on the phone and the SD card. This is Cam Scanner showing the full version I purchased on the phone and I assume the other part of the app on the SD card. How do I get this from the LG to the SG2 and preserve all I have scanned? Best way to get the apps from the SD card to the new phones?

Also have some great apps on the phone such as Tune In Radio. How do I make sure I get that on the SG2 and preserve all my fine tuning?

Suggestions for a case? We have white phones. Do we need a case? What about the kickstand in the back? Seems like a good idea for a case?

Screen protectors? Suggestions if we need one at all.

I was carrying my Samsung Highlight (tiny old phone) in my pocket. I am sure I should not do that with the SG2 due to scratches from keys, etc.

That is it from a newbie to SG2. Thanks so much.


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Hi Jeff. You could use App Backup & Restore to backup apps to your SD Card and then restore them. The only drawback is it won't backup the data with the app. You could also try My Backup but I don't know if it will backup data with the app unless you are rooted. I know its a pain, but it may be best to start with a fresh formatted sd card and reinstall apps.

Cases and screen protectors are more a personal choice. I wouldn't say they are required, but I use them to protect my investment from scratches and for a higher resale value.

Its on the pricey side, but I love my Seido case and holster. I can't really talk about the kickstand because I've never used it much. It works fine in landscape mode but does seem fragile.

If you want inexpensive, I used a case like this Fishbone for my Optimus V and really like it.

Just one thing to remember about cases, make sure its for the T-Mobile GS2. With so many different carriers, not all the holes may line up.

The GS2's glass is scratch resistant but not scratch proof. I used these screen protectors. They come in a 5-pack and work just fine.

Again, cases and screen protectors are a personal choice so just look around and see what you like and read the reviews.

Enjoy your new GS2. It's a great phone. :)