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Just received my Desire and have a few questions I can't see in the guide.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hedge, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. hedge

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    come from a nokia world so when my desire arrived this morning, i have been well chuffed discovering just how good this handset is!

    I have a few questions which perhaps someone wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction.

    I used to find the Nokia suite quite handy for backing up the phone, adding contacts, updating software etc. Is the htc sync similar - the webpage implies it's for outlook contacts etc. I think ive done the best thing by making all my contacts within gmail, so they are in the cloud and sync immediately. So thinking about it, if it's just the back up's, i take it it backs up to media card? This takes me on to my next question: Is there a maximum for the OS/hardware? Can anyone recommend a manufacturer and size (three mobile gave me a 4GB Samsung).
    What would be the best way of putting music and videos on?

    Do i need to keep pressing the power button to wake the device up? I see this article refers to using the volume button, although ideally would like to just touch the screen (i have made use of the radio button combination which locks the screen after a minute)

    I saw what I thought was a great and useful app - "where is my droid", although when i went to install it, apparently it needs access to the contacts. Does anyone know if this is genuine - i can't think of a reason why this app would need access to the contacts.

    Can anyone recommend a tool similar to 3G Watchdog for monitoring sms usage?

    Sorry for waffling, thanks for looking! :)

  2. Phenomenological

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    There's a reason you can't touch the screen to wake the device. It would be indescribably annoying! If you download 'No lock' from the market you can use any hard key to wake and unlock it.

    The app may have a feature where it will text a friend you specify if you send it a code or something - Check the feature list carefully for anything that might need it.

    'Stats' allows monitoring of calls, texts, and data, but doesn't have a homescreen widget. There is one that does, but I can't remember the name so you'll have to wait for someone else to come along!
  3. Hadron

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    Yes, it syncs contacts and calendar with outlook. Never used the Nokia suite, so can't compare.

    Apparently version 3 will also include media sync, but so far HTC have only released that for the Wildfire.

    If you're still asking about HTC Sync, that backs up to your PC (it's Windows only). But yes, the Desire itself does back up a lot of stuff on the media card.

    I believe it can handle 32 GB cards, though there's still a price premium on those. My own has a 16 GB Sandisk, which works fine so far.

    There are other threads that suggest you buy a fast card (i.e. check what "class" it is - higher numbers are better) if you plan on using it for video. Have a browse or search through the forum and you'll find advice (there are no videos on mine, so I can't comment).

    I personally imported media by just connecting to the computer, setting the Desire to disk mode, and then copying as I would to a flash drive. But I believe there are programs that will do it for you, including the next version of HTC Sync.

    That's also what I did when upgrading my memory card - copied everything on the old one to the computer (including hidden files and directories, just to be sure), then swapped cards, connected again and copied everything back.

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