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Just rooted the revolutionary way

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tythunder, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. tythunder

    tythunder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    And all is well so far. The only things I have done are get barnacle wifi tether and got clockmod rom manager. I backedup my current rom. Now what should I do? I'm still researching how to install roms, but how do you preview a rom before you flash it? Meaning see screenshots.


  2. garnto

    garnto Android Enthusiast

    most roms have a dedicated thread that has download links/screen shots/ info on what the rom does
  3. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    what you should do now? clear your nightly schedule for 1 week and flash a) the new radio (MR2 is what i'm using) b) find a ROM that you AND your phone like!!!!

    there is about 332432454135 different ones. not really, like 10-15
  4. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    ahh i enjoy screenshots too, but you'll get used to just learning from the description if it will suite you.

  5. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert


    The first thing you should do is stop using ROM Manager and flash things manually through ClockworkMod Recovery. Once you are familiar doing things manually you can use ROM Manager (I wouldn't suggest it, though)

    The second thing you should do is figure out if you want to flash a Sense ROM or an AOSP ROM. A Sense ROM will be very similar to what the phone shipped with and what you're currently using.

    Third thing you should do is read the "HOW TO" sticky thread in the All Things Root section that Scotty and I put together. There is a plethora of knowledge and guides that will get you started on your newly rooted TB.
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  6. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    worm i was thinking about "tip'ing" this for some strange reason. then i thought, HEY HE IS IS A GUIDE.


    silly wormy worm
  7. brizey

    brizey Android Enthusiast

    Bramsy, most ROMS have active threads on either rootzwiki or XDA. I think most people look at both nowadays. rootzwiki also has an extremely active twitter feed to help keep you up to date on what is happening. A lot of the developers have their own forums, but from what I have seen, only the BAMF forums have what I would call significant traffic (enough to get questions answered in a reasonable amount of time).

    BTW, you are an early adopter--one of the first to use the new root method as a new rooter--and I am sure people are interested in hearing your story on rootz and XDA.
  8. Familyguy1

    Familyguy1 Android Enthusiast

    Sorry to thread jack....but is ClockWork just like AmonRa Recovery?
  9. tythunder

    tythunder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Quick question. Radios involves how the phone receives signal right? If I haven't experienced any problems with this why would I want to update it? I know this sounds dumb. And in your howto sticky worm, I don't recall seeing kernels in the terminology. I'll double check now though. As far as the manual flashing of stuff in clockwork recovery, I did have to do a step or 2 of that using the revolutionary way. I'll keep doing it that way to get more practice, it seemed simple enough to me though. The only obstacle I had while rooting the revolutionary way was, I tried previously to root a couple months ago and it kept failing (or it was me) but i still had that p(whatever) IMG file on my sdcard. So after booting to bootloader it found the file, I had chose update, the phone booted and all my stuff was gone. So I just had to delete the file and run it again. Other then that everything was painless. I just followed along with nat3mil video on youtube.
  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    It's similar. Menus are different but the basic concept is the same :)
  11. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Most roms currently will not work with older radios. If you want signal you need to verify what radio you have, if it is an older radio you will need to flash new ones in hboot to get signal if you flash a rom that is not able to use the older radio. Hboot is not the same as recovery, it is the rename the file to PG05IMG.zip....

    Kernels change how the power is used in the phone, they allow for changes in the voltage used when the processor is running at certian speeds and over/underclocking the processor. They also allow you to choose how the processor reacts to different situations like waking from sleep mode and running graphically intensive games. You may find some kernels work better for you than others depending on how you use your phone.
  12. tythunder

    tythunder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have to admit that this is starting to get addicting and i haven't even done anything yet. Anyway i believe my radio is
  13. Familyguy1

    Familyguy1 Android Enthusiast

    All ive done so far is remove bloatware
  14. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Did you take the latest update, the one on from the begining of July. I think you are on the stock MR2 radio. I would suggest you download the 704 radio here you can flash that if you have any issues and it actually will help out with handoff from 3g/4g/WiFi you will also get less "Check your internet connection" errors if you flash it. That said I think you are MR2 so you would be safe with not flashing a radio more than likely.
  15. tythunder

    tythunder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So i shouldnt flash 704 radio until i come across a problem? And most of these radios, roms, kernels i should download on pc first and then move to my sdcard or can you download these ota
  16. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    I love the 704 radio it is up to you if you wish to install it or not. I download everything to my phone and verify md5 sums with AFV prior to flashing
  17. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    psssssst. i'm definitely not new at this!
  18. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Are you sure about that? ;) lol
  19. brizey

    brizey Android Enthusiast

    Sorry, got you mixed up with the OP!
  20. tythunder

    tythunder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Quick question.
    I was following along in the how to sticky to flash cm7 and the gapp file with it. i did everything right no problems. but after it flashed i had no signal. I knew it was a radio issue. i thought i had the official mr2 radio but i guess i didnt. i went to confirm that i didnt have the official mr2 radio a few posts below the directions. (shipping firmware, hey thats me :)) i need offic.mr2 to run cm7. so my question is how should install the radio? do i just click the link next to LTE on my phone?computer? or do i click the link for 704 yeeha gave me above?from my pc or phone?

    last question. i have both astro file.... and alien file verifier on my phone but how exactly do i verify md5sum? i looked in the cm7 file but didnt see it,what folder is it usually in?

    cm7 and gapp still sitting on my sdcard waiting for a new home
  21. tythunder

    tythunder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    forgot to mention that i used my trusty restore that i made to get my phone back working
  22. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Get the 704 radio and flash it in hboot. Use AFV to get the md5 sum and compare it to the one in the post where the radio can be downloaded from
  23. PhillySteve

    PhillySteve Newbie

    I rooted using this today as well. So far so good. Still running the stock ROM. Currently researching what ROM I want to flash first..
  24. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    I am glad to see more and more people joining our rooted community. Remember if you have questions just ask :)
  25. tythunder

    tythunder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The 704 radio is for gingerbread and froyo right, so it won't work with cm7 since its aosp?

    Can you download radios from the phone or is it better to use a computer and move them to sd card?

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