Root just rooted very confused

i just rooted my lg optimus. i will describe what i did to get that out of the way

downloaded gingerbreak, formated my sd card on my comp then installed on phone. next i installed gingerbreak on phone. waited for it to boot. superuser pop up when i open and app asking for permission.

my objective of the root is to get rid of the bloatware metro installs.

i downloaded file expert chose the redwrite option and then tried to delete those apps. every metro app was unsuccesful in deleting.
i then tried to download root explorer but it wont open, have to force shutdown.

any help?

new optimus

Android Expert
you need a file explorer that will let you read and write, if you dont have the newer version of root explorer you may not be able to do it.


Android Enthusiast
System app remover on the android market does this for you...its 99 cents.
It can also backup those apps incase you need to do a factory reset.
If your crafty you can save a buck (Google).