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just say Hi abd thank you!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by allen369, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. allen369

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    I just want to say Hi, my name is Allen and at this moment I have a LG Vortex. I am started with. Linux as one of my first OS, but then my wife and I saw the G1 and fell in love with are first Android's, then I had the HTC Hero, then the crappy zio, to optimas s., Then my fir!st, MID tablet from China, to the my babe the I got robbed for the Xoom :mad: and put in the hospital, but you can't keep a good man down, I went out and Got the Asend with Cricket, then Samsung Gem, to now owning the LG Vortex. I like to root, install custom. Recverys and ROM. I have only trully Bricked the MID tablet. I just rooted my Vortex. And about to put all the custom firmware on.. thank you to all that have made my Dreams come true with Linux growing and kicking Microsoft ass and Apply Mac ios ass. Thank you the community and the support for making this all happen:D

    Thank you,

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    Welcome to Android Forums!!

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