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Just so I can say I did

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by our3rotts, May 26, 2010.

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    I'll write a quick intro about my phone obsession.

    I started modding my phones with my Moto v557 (Thanks to my friends at WA!). Loved that phone, but upgraded to a BB 8310 when the Moto sim died one day. My job started locking down USB syncing, so I started looking at my options. BB not an option because of work restrictions & WM not an option because of my self-restrictions.

    Bought my Eris in Mid March after a month of research. (Husband also picked one up, since he couldn't let me experience the fun alone!) Read all about Rooting & Leaking, but was so busy at work, I didn't do it. Just carried on with 1.5 and a seamless (for me) ActiveSync connection to work.

    The OTA came 2 Sunday's ago - and with it, the silent bug. So my "new" ERIS arrives tomorrow or Friday. I will have about a month of downtime & have a feeling that some ERIS mods are in the near future for me.

    Thanks now, for all the help in moving me along so quickly and all the help to come!


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