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just switched from evo 3d to victory. why so clowny?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 7808, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    i just switched from the htc evo 4g 3d to the samsung galaxy victory for VM, and i feel like i upgraded as far as LTE, battery life, and the camera, but otherwise i feel like i traded my adult phone in for a little girl phone..

    is there any way to get the standard keyboard like the evo had? this one seems crowded and tiny.

    is there a way to switch the text message window theme to the evo style? this one also seems clowny and crowded.

    besides that, just normal stuff i dont like about samsung, the visual stuff and ring tones and notifications tones it comes with a goofy.

    the size and weight is nice of the samsung because i carry my phone all day at work in my pocket. we'll see.

    oh ya, and i cant figure out how to take a screen shot. power and home didnt work, and power and volume down like i read online didnt seem to work either..

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  2. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert

    Well most of the stuff you listed can be found on the play store as 3rd party apps. As for screenshots it should be power volume down and home. I used to have the phone but have since given it up.
  3. kwknott

    kwknott Android Expert

    Welcome to Touchwiz.. Samsung takes out the default Android stuff and adds their own.

    You can install Google keyboard to get the standard style keyboard back. I use SwiftKey which is a great keyboard in my opinion but it's a paid app.

    As far as messaging you can grab handcent, gosms or one of the others. I used chomp for a bit but went back to stock because mms on 3rd party apps doesn't like working.

    Ringtones and notifications aren't very good. I actually pulled the Ringtones from the Evo V Angrybean rom, deleted all stock and put on the Angrybean tones.

    I'm also using Hololauncher instead of the stick Touchwiz launcher. I like the Vanilla Android look
  4. Chiral

    Chiral Android Enthusiast

    Flash the Redspot kernel if you want to give your victory a shot of testosterone.

    Most of your complaints could be fixed within 15 minutes of taking the thing out of the box. Download a new keyboard and some ringtones and move on.
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  5. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks guys, ddint realize i could just download the stock google keyboard. the sounds was and theme was just more of a complaint then anything.

    whats the best rom for this phone? i havent been into moding phones since rzrs were cool
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  6. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert

    You have victorious rom by jerryscript and a mostly broken cm10 build. Not much for now, but ppl are working hard to bring you the best.
  7. joshm662

    joshm662 Member

    i actually just went BACK to my HTV EVO 3D from this same phone... i bought it because I really wanted OS 4.1 on my phone and this was the only phone that offered it on VM... but after using it for 3 months, im sick of it... it's drops a lot of calls and definitely doesn't move as fast or as smoothly as my HTC, a phone ive had for almost a year now. it is also incredibly slow when transferring files from computer to phone and i hate how you cant ever put any apps on your SD card unless you root your phone...

    so now i have 2 VM mobile phones that are in great condition... i wonder if i could trade both of them in for the S3.. or would it even be worth it?? ive heard great things about the S3 but i love this HTC phone, however i fell in love with Jelly Bean too... ugh.... stupid Victory phone made things so complicated!
  8. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    Sounds like you got a lemon. If you notice the forums, there are very few complaints about this phone, and a lot of Evo3D users who have switched over. I have only been using my Victory for a little over a month, but I have never had a dropped call. My phone is smooth as silk after removing the bloatware, that usually makes any device run smoother (phone, tablet, pc, etc).

    I do agree that file transfer is slow, but you can always use a wifi file transfer app, and go about your business as the transfer finishes, no need to be wired up to your PC while you wait.

    But it appears you have made up your mind about the SGV, so I wish you luck with whatever you do get.
  9. kwknott

    kwknott Android Expert

    I had the Evo V before the Victory and there's no way I'd switch back. The Victory is a much better phone in my opinion. My signal is actually better than on the Evo. I've never had a single call drop plus with the Lte the data speeds blow the Evo away.

    I agree with Jerry in saying it sounds like you got a lemon.
  10. Chiral

    Chiral Android Enthusiast

    Another +1 for lemon.

    I -love- this thing. Side by side I'd take it over my SO's iPhone 5.
  11. meta6

    meta6 Newbie

    Get ready for phones marketed to dumba$$es.

    Samsung's p!ssy touchwiz is one of the better examples of these
    user interfaces that's marketed to A$$hats.

    Dumb "Smartphones" for dumb people.

    I used to have to buy android phones with standard UI.
    I really miss those days.
  12. Chiral

    Chiral Android Enthusiast

    Kinda pointless to lament the unwashed masses.

    We have a few great devs putting a lot of effort into stripping the UI down to something respectable, patience.

    As a phone, it's functional and relatively bug free. As a piece of hardware, it's an incredible value with a lot of potential.

    50% OC without the phone or battery melting, in the early development stages, is promising.
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  13. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    i want to like samsung phones i just cant, ive had too much "expirence" with them lol. my sister had to send her SII in twice now because it wouldnt charge anymore, i think i had the same problems with my old prevail on boost. and this phone is defiently not as smooth as my evo V . the evo was almost instant to load apps like facebook where somtimes on the victory i wait, then press it again because i think i didnt even hit the icon, but i did - if i touch it and wait it just takes 5-6 seconds to fire up. i find it hard to type on because it lags behind the speed i give it input when texting also. and the google keyboard seems to look the same as just choosing the swype keyboard already on the victory. i want the htc kboard back.

    my LG optimus F3 came today so im going to give that a shot and send back the victory, i gave samsung a shot again and still dont care for them. as far as LTE, my phone consistantly gives same or slower speeds as my friends 2yr old tmobile mytouch and my other friends evo V 4g all standing next to each other. i will say if im in the right aread it does seem to have faster then regular 4g internet
  14. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    50% over clock? if thats what you mean, im impressed. hopefully the LG becomes almost as popular as most samsung devices and gets the same attention because im leaning away from the samsungs and more towards other brands again. i know the optimus V was a big hit for what it was and is still or until recently? sold on the virgin site.

    id really like to get my hands on that new sony phone or a htc one but i cant usually bring my self to drop that much on a phone
  15. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    Yep, we have it running at 1.8ghz, stable on stock governors, still tweaking some custom governors. Right now we are working on fast-charging and undervolting as well. We hope to have a single kernel with the options to charge faster, over/underclock, and over/undervolt. No promises, but keep your fingers crossed (and thank rbheromax!).

    I used to dev on the OV, great phone, I've passed on three of them to my niece and nephews, all running my old BACKside-IHO rom. I think you would be very happy moving up to the Victory! With any luck, we will get CM10 ported to it eventually, and until then, you can try out Victorious. ;)
  16. dibblebill

    dibblebill Android Expert

    I use Apex Launcher myself.
  17. Chiral

    Chiral Android Enthusiast

    I rather dig touchwiz...posted some screenshots in the "one window" thread.

    Aesthetically, looks like a man phone to me. Iphone 5 size, but with a gunmetal grey bezel and embossed chrome capacitative buttons. Shrug, I guess they could put a ring of spikes on the bezel, but that just seems excessive.

    Hardware wise, its an extremely capable SOC choked by software to justify charging half as much as an S3 with the same board, gpu and ram. Our phone's msm8960 is a 'lite' version, which has half the l2 cache, but that's about it for differences. Very close to breaking 14, 000 on antutu @ 1.8ghz. /TimAllenGrunt

    i had an OV, is still my phone, the victory is a pda until 4g comes here. This is 2013's OV-> huge potential, good devs, way underpriced/overpowered (moreso than opti).

    With CM10 booting, we're maybe 6months from the stage where bobz, harmonia and mirage hit the Opti in force.

    For anyone curious, I run GTR on my opti, mirage based 2.7 build with blue/black ICS theme, good god I love that battery icon. Number with a ring around it, the ring being the battery bar.

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