Just switched to D2 from D1 now market issues.


Hey everybody,

So I just switched from droid 1 to a droid 2. Now I am having alot of trouble with the market.
When I used to perform wipes of my d1 as soon as I reboot and enter me google account info all my apps would pull down right away downloading 3 apps at a time and being totally completed in under 20 minutes.

With my d2 after entering my google account info nothing really happens aside from receiving email. When I access the market and try to download a previously downloaded app it will show up twice in my download queue and never actually download.

I've been able to download certain things after clearing the market cache and data from app management but the market still seems to have a heart attack if I try to get more then one download going at a time.

I've wiped the phone a few times but the market/downloading apps just doesn't seem the same as it was on the d1 and I'm almost afraid to even click on anything cuz I think it'll just end up hanging. Is there anyway to log into the market from a pc and clear my account cache or something? I'm really at a loss for anything else to try.

Any help would be awesome!