Dec 1, 2009
in my travels through many a forums about this handy little device i have noticed both good and bad...i would just like to say my two cents on the droid. i am coming from LAME T&T, had the iphone both 1st and 2nd gen ending with the 3g, cuz the wife at the time told me no to the 3gs lol. this phone is the best for what i need it for...sure it has quirky things wrong with it but there has been things that i can do on it that i could NEVER do on the iphone and probably will never be able to in point "customization". i love love love being able to put pics of my kids on my phone and being able to see them when i want and not just before i unlock the screen. sure i could have jailbroken the phone, and i did but i think that this takes away from the integrity of the phone and makes it somewhat better but just not 100% in my eyes...i dont wanna have to jailbreak a phone i want the company to which the phone comes from to LISTEN to its consumers that keep them employed and add the things that make us happy...iphone is great but LAME T&T suck...enough about that. people can sit in here and complain about this or that but at the end of the day its a piece of technology and when was it ever said that technology was ever gonna be 100% at best...its not and it will never be. the droid is a SWEET phone to say the least...i am very pleased with my switch over from the iphone to the i guess what i am saying to those of you that wanna come in here and bash the droid or complain about the lighting on a camera that you will probably only use when your drunk and wanna capture your friend puking in some low light parking lot...just save it and help us out with the real problems like how in the HECK do i get my droid to be seen in itunes on my macbook pro... lol

You need to get the program Double Twist. Looks just like iTunes but it sees the Droid and let you put your music on it. The music needs to be DRM free of course but it works. I'm using a MacBook Pro so I'm not sure if there's a Windows version.
ewwww LAMEtunes integration with the android os:eek:
I'll stick with doubletwist and/or managing media via good ol`fashion finder.

well i dont care what program it is lol i just said itunes cuz thats all i had for now but i will try this double twist you speak of >:)