Help Just wondering


I did google a little and no luck please go easy I'm new here not to android though.I have the question is maybe a app maybe I'm missing something but even on a not smart I used to own had a option where for example I could write out my email address and save it to like every time I push d1 it weird automatically type my email add in out what ever pphrase or word u saved to it. Anyone know anything like this.thanks for your help


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While I cannot find an app that would duplicate pressing a keypad sequence like D1 and it will automatically insert the email or (any text) for that matter, there are a few copy and paste apps in the market that may help do what you seek except that they stay open in the background and you can choose what to paste by bringing down the notification bar.

Some I found..
aNdClip Free (Free) Seems to do alot
aNdClip Clipboard Extension ($3.85) same as above but add free and more features.
Clipper - Clipboard manager (Free) but has ads.
Clipper Plus ($1.39) same as above with no ads and more features.
Number Saver (Free)
Number Saver ($1.49)
Copy paste it (Free) replacement for the copy paste feature in Android.
and finally CopiPe -Copy and Paste Tool (Free)