Accessories Juuust because I was bored, I weighed the new white back door vs. stock


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So here are the results.

stock a perfect 8 grams
white back, from verizon, OEM. 7.7 grams. - just has to do with the finish they use

barely a difference I felt it so I checked it. just a shits a giggs, if there were any interest to this, and sorry if it's been covered.
I think more people would be interested in the weight of the phone with the different size batteries...1300, 1500, 1800, 2150, 3500, etc.

Possibly with different cases as well.

Next time you get bored, do that. :p


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This would require me to have these batteries..
I can only do what I have to work with. Good ideal though.

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You must've been TOTALLY bored!!!!

But you used time wisely at least. thanks for the info.