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Dec 20, 2010
Cleveburb, OH
Hey all. I’ve got a couple of K-9 questions. I sent an email to the developer, hoping maybe I can get these answers from them.

First off, how do I change my signature in K-9? I want to get rid of the message “Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.”

Secondly, in each account, under settings, there is the option to poll all folders, only 1st class folders, 1st class and 2nd class folders, etc. What does K-9 consider to be 1st class and 2nd class folders? Is there a way to set different folders as different classes?

Sorry if this has already been asked. I couldn't find these answers anywhere.
The signature setting is under Settings > Account Settings > Composition Defaults.

When you're in your Inbox (not the unified inbox), press menu and select Folder list. Long press on any folder and choose Folder Settings. You can change what class the folder is in that screen.
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I see how to change the class of each folder (THANK YOU!), but not the signature setting. I open up K-9, go to Settings > Account Settings > ..... and I do not have Composition Defaults listed.