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K-9 Exchange Setup Help

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by knowuc, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. knowuc

    knowuc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I apologize if this is posted elsewhere but i searched the forum and couldnt find it. If it is, please just post the link to it and I will go there...

    I have heard great things about the K-9 Mail application but cant get it working...I have used the standard email app to connect to our corporate Exchange 2007 server without issue. It syncs, mail, contacts, calendar no problem...

    I walk through the K-9 Setup (i have tried the Market version as well as several BETA versions, doesnt seem to be a difference) and continually get Errors in the errors folder and nothing in the Inbox. I have tried several different options on the incoming mail setup information for the exhcange server info but nothing seems to work.

    I am wondering if there is a sample guide for setting up K-9 with Exchange?


  2. mblack65

    mblack65 Lurker

    I had a similiar problem, and I found that I was entering the server information incorrectly.

    in the default email app, I would enter exchange.domain.com and it would work fine. However, my actual email server was www.exchange.domain.com. The default app was resolving it for me, but in the k9 app I had to enter the www.

    Also, I had to check ssl if available.

    That made it work. I have not been able to use it for contacts and calendar yet, but I have not checked if it even will. Otherwise I like it so far, especially the fact that it allows a signature.
  3. knowuc

    knowuc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thx for the input. I know I have the SSL setting is correct (no SSL:() and have tried both domain names that can be used to access the server for OWA and have had no success...
  4. mblack65

    mblack65 Lurker

    Last thing I can think of is the default path.

    We use the /Exchange setting, but your company may have changed it. There is also the Authentication path. I.E. it might be www.domain.com/Customfolder vs the default www.domain.com/Exchange

    Login via the web page and look at your address and see if you can see if your company changed these default settings. You can find more detail doing a search of the k9 google project site.

    Thats all I know! sorry if it didnt help. I see good results from sending notices to the development team.
  5. knowuc

    knowuc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    yeah i have the /exchange in the path and have tried different variations up and down the setup options. how do i go about contacting the development team, i am sure they know the answer:)
  6. mblack65

    mblack65 Lurker

  7. RiftReaper

    RiftReaper Lurker

    I keep getting the error Certificate does not match outlook.com when trying to recieve exchange mail.... outgoing mail works though
  8. TomTcom

    TomTcom Newbie

    I just got my OWA on K-9 to work. My issue was that I have a different login name verus my mail box name. It turns out that for Mailbox Alias I had to put my email address in it. After it dawned on me I felt kind of dumb for not seeing it. I was trying to put my display name instead of email address. Hopefully this may help someone.
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  9. nootrak4

    nootrak4 Member

    Man i just installed this and i have not been able to get it to work.
    Here is some info so you can can help me out

    K-9 Mail V3.605
    Exchange 2007 Sp1

    Here is my setup
    (tried mydomain.com\myuser, tried myuser@mydomain.com. tried mydomain.com\mysuer@mydomain.com
    Exchange server
    remote.mydomain.com (tried www.remote.mydomain.com)
    Securiti type
    SSL (always)
    Mailbox Alias
    nothing here
    OWA Path
    https://remote.mydomain.com/OWA (tried remote.mydomain.com/owa)
    Authentication Path
    nothing here

    i get two type of errors depending on which setting i use. I believe i had tried all available combination (i have been at this for 4hr already).

    Cannot Connect to Server.
    (error during Authentication)

    and the other is
    Cannot Connect to Server.
  10. karthikshanth

    karthikshanth Lurker

    Me too getting same error- samsung galaxy sl

  11. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    Mentioned above but make sure your username is the same as in username@mydomain.com. They're not the same in all cases. Check with your Exchange admin to verify.

    Same goes for the domain. Don't assume that the domain is the same as the one in your email address.

    Each Exchange environment can be different so it's difficult to provide one-size-fits-all answers.
  12. gveserat

    gveserat Lurker

    I really like all the features on the K-9 Mail for Android. I have 7 POP accounts setup in K9. It is awesome, I have had no problems at all. Excellent program.

    But. . . when I try to setup K-9 for Exchange, it does not work. I have spent 2+ hours, 3 seperate times with our IT support for our company. No one can get it to work.

    I recently saw where I can dump my "debugging" off and I will get a reply with suggestions. I will probably try that soon. As I have had numerous & serious problems with the stock android exchange email software:mad: from Verizon / Android 2.2 Froyo. The program with the @ in the middle of a Red Stamp in an Envelope.

    I do have a question: Will it work with MS Small Business Server 2008?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
  13. ianreid

    ianreid Lurker

    I'm also getting the same problem. Any help here would be great. Spent way too much time on this.
  14. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    The only exchange program I've got to work is touchdown my company uses an OWA server and the stock and k9 just won't work for security reasons
    Touchdown has many features k9 lacks but the key is does cost a bit
  15. mj3kgt

    mj3kgt Lurker

    From: https://github.com/k9mail/k-9/wiki/K9MailAndExchange

    K-9 uses WebDAV to communicate with Exchange. As of Exchange 2010, WebDAV is no longer supported. For this reason, K-9 is unable to work with Exchange 2010 at this time. It will be a major effort to correct this issue.
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  16. FishDoctor

    FishDoctor Well-Known Member

    I also could not get K-9 to work with my office's Exchange server (maybe the WebDAV issue mentioned previously?). I use K-9, and really like it for my non-work e-mail accounts (POP or IMap), but I bit the bullet and purchased Touchdown to use for my work e-mail through the Exchange server. It has worked great too.
  17. jonr

    jonr Newbie

    Damn... this is a bit of a dissapointment. I guess I'm back to stock email. :(
  18. eboi1023

    eboi1023 Lurker

    hi, I just noticed that your mailbox alias is blank..i read an article that you have to set it as your email address...I got similar issues with you guys but after putting my email address in the mailbox alias field everything went fine now..

    Now my problem is i cant see my folders under Inbox (these are the folders with ruling) any idea guys how to make it visible? I can only see my inbox or only those emails without rulings...
  19. webtronix

    webtronix Lurker

    I had a lot of problems trying to configure K9 too, but have also used ntrodesk touchdown which is more favourable. Any how, i have managed to sus out how to config K9 by following these instructions on a website for a link that i am unable to post being my first post !!!... howvere u can search for it on github....i will seek to re-post the link when i am allowed to do so...

    if the pasge dont work i have copied and pasted all here ... good luck :)

    Configure K-9 Mail to work with Exchange

    K-9 uses WebDAV to communicate with Exchange. As of Exchange 2010, WebDAV is no longer supported. For this reason, K-9 is unable to work with Exchange 2010 at this time. It will be a major effort to correct this issue.
    K-9 version 3.401 and later

    These instructions apply to K-9 version 3.401 and later. Please see below for the original instructions that apply to versions prior to 3.400. Versions prior to 3.401 are known to have issues with Exchange.
    The parts of K-9 that connect and authenticate with Exchange where rewritten in version 3.400. These changes where tested with Exchange 2007 using form-based authentication. The following is a basic description of these options. For a more in depth discussion of how K-9 communicates with Exchange, see the following blog post.
    Configuring K-9 Mail

    1. When creating a new account, enter your email address and password in the corresponding fields and press Next.
    2. On the next screen, press the 'Exchange (WebDAV)' button.
    3. Enter your Exchange server configuration as follows:
      • Username: domain\username
      • Exchange server: mail.company.com
      • Security type: select your security type, hopefully 'SSL (always)'
      • Port: populated automatically
      • Mailbox alias: I have found that you should typically set this to your email address. Leaving it blank will use your username, which also works for some Exchange installations.
    The following options are "advanced" options, and users should not need to change them from the defaults.

    • OWA path: leave this field blank - defaults to /Exchange
    • Authentication path: leave this field blank - defaults to /exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll
    NOTE: Setting your 'OWA path' to "owa" is incorrect! If you enter values into either 'OWA path' or 'Authentication path' and then open an issue, the first thing I will tell you is to leave them blank. Please, save me the trouble.
    If you receive a 501 error in your logcat output after K-9 authenticates successfully, try setting your 'Mailbox alias' to your email address. Note that WebDAV is not enabled by default on Exchange server 2007, and must be enabled for K-9 to work. If you receive a 403 error in your logcat output, chances are WebDAV has not been enabled.
    Versions prior to 3.400

    K-9 Mail is only known to work with Microsoft Exchange 2003 with "basic authentication". If you have configuration advice that you can provide for other environments, we'd appreciate the contribution.
    Regular login

    Let's say this is how you login to the Exchange webmail interface / Outlook Web Access:

    You can tell if it is basic authentication if a dialog box appears for the username and password. If the login is just on a web page, without a dialog box, then your site uses form-based authentication. (It is currently unknown if the guidelines given here work with form-based authentication.)
    Once you login, you will see the browser show a URL like: https://mail.dracofox.com/exchange//
    K-9 Mail configuration

    OK, here's how to configure K-9 Mail:

    • Username: dragon@dracofox.com
    • Password: whatever your password is
    • WebDAV (Exchange) server: mail.dracofox.com
    • Security type: SSL (if available)
    • Port: 443
    • WebDAV (Exchange) path: exchange/dragon
    The word "exchange" in the "WebDAV (Exchange) path" is copied from the last part of the URL shown in the browser when you login to Outlook Web Access the normal way.

    These alternate instructions were submitted in issue 1631 by Der.Harry.Karl.

    1. Enter your usual username and pass
    2. Enter your Exchange server domain name, eg. exchange.domain.com
    3. Activate SSL if necessary
    4. Leave WebDAV Path empty
    5. Enter the right auth path as well as the auth handler (in my case it was: owa/auth/logon.aspx where owa/auth/ is the path and logon.aspx is the handler.
    6. Leave Mailbox path empty.
    7. Maybe you have other setups where 4.) and 6.) have to be different, but it is most important that 5.) is correct.
    Testing this with some other Exchange setups I could find out that especially failing to enter the right auth path leads to errors. Another vaild entry I found was: owa/auth/owaauth.dll
    Hosted Exchange

    These alternate instructions were submitted in issue 1990 by Docsmooth2486.
    If you have hosted Exchange, and after setting up no custom settings for WebDAV or "Mailbox" path, you receive a "HTTP 501 Not Implemented" error, your WebDAV path is likely wrong. To check this:

    1. take your email address user@domain.com and remove the "@": userdomain.com
    2. In a normal browser, log into your OWA server.
    3. Now edit your Address bar by adding /userdomain.com/Inbox (entering your modified email address after the /exchange part) to the end, so the full path reads something like: http://mail.mse1.exchange.ms/exchange/userdomain.com/Inbox
    4. If your inbox loads up properly, go back to K9Mail and change your WebDAV (Exchange) Path to: /exchange/userdomain.com (using your modified email address)

    end of instructions .....
  20. webtronix

    webtronix Lurker

  21. simonben1982

    simonben1982 Lurker

    My friend has a hosted exchange online plan for his small business. I think it has 25 GB space and he can add up to 10 accounts in his plan. If you want I can ask him his provider’s information and pass it to you.

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