K-9 folders and texting

I swear I did search the forums and used google-foo without luck. :)

The stock mail application in my XT860 is simple and I like the unified inbox that includes my email and text/sms messages all in one box / button - but Of course I wanted more.

  • I'd like to be able to create email folders to move stuff to (campaign folder - save for future folder - research and respond... Can't find out how to do that in either stock email or K-9
  • I mentioned I like having text messaging in the unified inbox. Can't find out how to do that in K-9
I'm open to other applications - haven't tried maildroid yet...

Thanks for any guidance.


Motorola XT860 And. 2.3.6


K-9 won't touch your text messages. There are apps out there that automatically send your texts to GMail, so that's a workaround to get them into K-9.

If you want more folders just make 'em in webmail or an app like Thunderbird, and then sync 'em to K-9.


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Thanks Diabo. The folder solution is great. Don't know why it didn't ocurr to me. The gmail thing is off the table for privacy reasons. I really don't mind google following me to provide more relevany advertising, but many of my customers and clients would be furious to know I was routing their contact information and mail content through a service that mines them for advertising purposes. I have to respect that trust, at least morally - if not legally.

So the logical followup to your post is a question about whether maildroid handles text messages. (Can't believe I've been spoiled by the stock app). :)