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K9 email documentation

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by 5circles, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. 5circles

    5circles Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Perhaps its just me, but I can't figure out some things about K9, and would like to find some documentation. I can't find any on the web.

    Latest questions:

    Can I have K9 running as well as the stock Droid Email (not Gmail)? It doesn't look like it as I'm no longer seeing any new msgs from a POP account).

    How do I set the frequency of checking (for a POP account)?

    Why does K9 show a different number of messages in the Gmail box to the number in the stock Gmail app?

    I'm loving my Droid, but need to get email under control.


  2. boatman

    boatman Android Enthusiast

    You need to put out some more info as to what you are trying to do.
    I use k9 for my pop accounts. Gmail for gmail, and droid email now for nothing.

    If you have k9 and droid for the same pop account, this is not going to work properly really. (assuming you either mark as read or delete from server when one account gets mail, the other will not know).

    In acct settings, you can change the frequency for getting mail.

    "Why does K9 show a different number of messages in the Gmail box to the number in the stock Gmail app?"

    Not sure what that above statement means. Why are you getting gmail in k9 app? Are you forwarding your gmail to your pop?
  3. 5circles

    5circles Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sorry for the lack of information earlier. What I'm want to do is to have access to both POP and Gmail from the Droid. I have Outlook set up for one main pop account for my own domain, and gmail through pop. There are a couple of subsidiary pop accounts that are set up for Outlook access, but I'm not worried about them for the moment. I expect to continue to be laptop (Outlook) centric for email so I want to be able to use the Droid to reply, but not lose track of messages in Outlook. I don't know how possible that is - I'm expecting some clean up for messages created or replied on the Droid, but hopefully not too much.

    Both of the applications were set up to leave messages on the server (so that I can also have a copy on Outlook). I don't want to use both the Droid app and K9 at the same time, but I assumed setting them both to leave messages on the server would allow me to test.
    I just stopped the stock pop email (powered off and on - I haven't yet learned enough about managing tasks) and the pop email seems to be coming into K9 now. But I'm still confused.

  4. dremelts

    dremelts Lurker

    You can read your gmail with K9, but K9 does not work well for managing your messages. For example: in K9 drag a message to some other "folder" and it appears that the message moved from the inbox to the new folder. Now log in to your gmail account thru the browser and the message is in the new location alright, but it is also still in the inbox.
  5. 5circles

    5circles Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I also found that K9 doesn't handle Gmail conversations well - unless I missed something. The main plus seemed to K9's smaller fonts, so more messages on screen. Anyway, I removed the Gmail account from K9. Thanks for clarifying.

    Still looking for docs/forum on K9.
    Is the purple LED new mail through K9? I think so.
    What are the indications in the headers screen? Some messages have gray backgrounds. Do the colored bars on the left mean anything? It doesn't
    Does K9 do anything about Spam? I don't think so, and I don't think it needs to if I do most of the email through Outlook.

    I (sort of) fixed messages disappearing from the Inbox by changing Outlook to leave on server until deleted. This seems to do most of what I'd like. Messages in K9 inbox don't get removed if I move them in Outlook folders, but that doesn't matter too much as I'm only concerned with the top few messages on my Droid.

  6. Brumbjorn

    Brumbjorn Newbie

    Thats the way Gmail works. You only add labels to mail, not move between folders. What you want to do is to remove the inbox label.

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