K9 Mail disappearing notifications?


Hey everyone,

Long time reader, first time poster. I've recently switched to K9 Mail and notice that I often don't get emails showing up in the top notification bar, and if they are there, they seem to disappear after some has has passed.

Anyone know how to change this? I've looked high and low and haven't been able to find anything..



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Hmm. I've been using K9 since I came to Android and have not experienced this. I get just the opposite. I get notifications and when I look in my emails I see no new emails.


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Is this an IMAP mail account?

If you noticed the new mail on your android device, but checked it (and perhaps deleted it) on another device, you'd expect the notification to disappear on your android device.


I've started getting this in the last day. It makes no difference if it is IMAP or POP3, the notification appears and then disappears in about 5 seconds. I'm not accessing the emails from anywhere else. It seems to be mentioned as a problem a couple of years ago but was fixed.

Anyone any ideas?