May 6, 2010
I've now tried downloading K9 Mail twice and had the same problem. I use a lot of Gmail filters to move mail that I don't need to respond to (listservs, etc.) past my inbox. My inbox usually has <10 messages that I need to act on. So the mail I actually want to browse while standing around, say, on the subway platform, is in All Mail.

I would like to get All Mail pushed to my phone so I can browse it whenever. I only need the top 25-50 messages at a time. On the Blackberry, I used to have push set up for my Gmail account so obviously I saw what's in All Mail. Periodically I purged the stored messages older than a week.

You'd think that K9 Mail would do this perfectly. But both times I've tried to install it, it appears to be trying to download all ~30,000 messages in All Mail in my Gmail account. So I uninstall in a panic! Is there something I'm not getting about the settings? I tried setting it to "fetch 25 messages" in the push/poll settings for that account... so why is it fetching thousands?
As long as you have it setup correctly for IMAP, let it do it's thing. It will dl the headers, but it should respect your folders (and the dl'd headers will not show up in your inbox unless they are "supposed" to be there.)

After the first "sync" you should be good to go from that point on.
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Will I be able to purge the older msgs/headers later? I worried that if it does all 30k, it's going to kill my memory for msgs that I don't even need to access. Thanks.
Ok, I tried it and see what you mean. This time it seemed to go faster, and it only got headers... very small amount of data.
if you go to settings>applications and look at K9 it will tell you the amount of space it is using for data.

If you don't carry around big INBOX's it should be negligible.

With 5 accounts, my data storage is less than the actual app size.