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Root KangeradeX Fission 2.0.1 Final

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by faber78, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. faber78

    faber78 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Note!: Same downloads as in original thread.

    ----Fission 2.0.1 ONLY.----

    Themes for Fission 2.0.1. and only fission 2.

    Think Im done with these and wanted to post up a cleaned up thread with a couple things in it. (Hope nobody minds).

    Only gonna post the one I ran for awhile and had most download hits and the one Im on now that people will probably like. Kept everything moved to a theme previously o.k.'d for Fission 2.+ as a base theme.

    Pretty simple themes. (But then look who put them together ;)).


    Fission rc1 was released, no idea if this works on that.
    2.1 released as well; have not tried on it.
    No idea about earlier versions either.
    im using this on 2.0.1

    ----KangeradeX theme:

    mix between;

    Joe772's "x" dark theme
    D2 Kangerade in blue theme

    download link;

    Seems to have resolved some things I didnt like about the X theme like the check marks not being real visible in options and it also gave me the status bar back I like.
    Im a rookie. Use at your own risk.



    blue check marks;


    back up current theme your using
    download file
    copy to sd card
    bootstrap recover/ ok
    reboot recovery
    mounts and storage, mount system
    back, install zip from sd card, choose zip from sd card
    choose theme
    install, done; back and tell it to reboot
    ----if you notice any issues after reboot; reboot one more time.----
    (or just reboot one more time anyway)^

    credit links for themes used (not download links for KangeradeX);
    [THEME - Fission 2.0+] X v1.1.4 (11/5/2010) (NO 2.1 YET) - xda-developers
    [THEME] Kangerade Blue for the Droid2 - xda-developers

    thanks to tom for turning me on to 7zip which has helped me waste a lot of my free time playing around with themes....lol....;) i enjoy it. :)

    thanks to mruno for naming it ;)

    ----KangeradeX theme with the smoother looking alarm clock and rotary battery charge/animated recharge icon:

    Im running this now but haven't been real long. It should be fine as it is based on the same setup as above with the exception of the battery icon.
    (Battery icon should be out NO MORE then 10% from what system says at any time.
    basically if system says 90%; bat. icon will either say 90 or 80, then they will both say 80 for awhile, and on and on....you get the idea. Not enough you should notice according to my testing).

    ^1st download link

    ^2nd download link if first link doesnt work.



    Thanks to colchiro for helping me through the bat. icon change.
    and link to the credit for bat. icons:
    then the same links given credit above for the other version.

    And of course thanks to Fission for such an awesome rom!
    ----check out their newer rom version;
    -----and their web site;

    The last one that got a few download....lol....:) (which I have no idea whom to give credit to):

    droid peeing on apple boot animation;
    download link^


    copy to sd card, use file browser, copy bootanimation.zip from card, back click, data, paste in local, quit, reboot.

    Link to original thread with more downloads and other info.:


    Let me know if there are any issue that werent there before theme install (if anyone tries these). I haven't heard anything on the one that got a few downloads; I assume thats a good thing....lol....:).
    Hope someone enjoys....:).


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  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2010
    Web developer/IT
    Just installed fullbatalarm version over clean deodexed backup.

    I'm in FC hell right now, FC's for everything. Did a batt pull and going to install the D2 theme.

    Ran into this before with a previous blue theme. I think it had to do with not doing over a NexTheme.

    Yup, same thing. Time to restore my backup.
  3. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2010
    Web developer/IT
    I installed a NexTheme theme over stock deodex (928Droid-BackToStock-DroidX22-OTA-DeOdexed.zip) and it worked. (Trying to remember what that was now.)

    Then I booted into recovery and installed your fullbatalarm theme. As a precaution, I mounted system before both themes.

    That seems to work. I had a similar problem with another blue theme, NexTheme_Blue_V2 and NexTheme_Blue_BatteryMOD.

    Now to check out your theme.

    Nope, not a good combination (your theme over Nextheme).... I get gray buttons with black text on them.
  4. faber78

    faber78 Guest
    Thread Starter

    wow man, sounds like a mess....
    lets see....i went from stock froyo, rooted, deodexed w/blackglass, fission 1. w/kangerade in blue, fis 2. w/the black joe theme, to kangerade x, to multiple versions while testing of kangx, to kangxfullbatalarm,
    then clean install for myself then kangxfullbatalarm and didnt have any of that....

    um....not sure what to think....
    ill do a download and reinstall theme for kangxfullbatalarm to make sure all is well and report back on what i get.
  5. faber78

    faber78 Guest
    Thread Starter

    downloaded from mega upload; kangeradexfullbatalarm, installed....
    yep....im good.
    not sure why your having an issue.
    i was actually hoping to reproduce it....

    best i can say is to do the cleanest install you can and be sure to do an additional reboot after load up (which i havent yet and mine is fine, but it seems to help if there are issues). really not sure what is happening on yours....
  6. faber78

    faber78 Guest
    Thread Starter

    showing 16 downloads on kangeradeX
    7 downloads on kangxfullbatalarm

    then multiple ones on other thread for other stuff.
    wish some of those people would report back....:)

    might help us figure out whats up....
  7. faber78

    faber78 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Fission 2.0.1 ONLY. Will not work on ota.

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