Aug 19, 2011
So.. still kind of drunk, but we had the bright idea of trying to wreck an xbox with my friends' Katana.. and of course.. with a full stomach.

(Yay for auto correct)

Before you hit play, who do you think will win?

MOD EDIT: NSFW language

Maybe try something like this in the future (I'll be using cut shells on it this weekend)?
Time to upgrade - YouTube

Well, my friend has a 12 gauge we could've taken to the xbox, but burning it worked just fine, lol. nice vid

Depends on the katana, doesn't it?

Knife Collector's Show - katana blooper - YouTube

(Yup - That clip still cracks me up! :))

Haha omg, i havent seen this in forever.. still cracks me up too!

Looks like the Xbox won against the katana. Lol. But the Xbox lost to the tree. :p

The tree won in my opinion. Xbox barely took damage from the tree