Katya and Lovelock


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Great week this is for Penguins.
Katya is the latest release of Linux Mint, 11.Going with it's philosophy ,it sports GNOME 2.32.
Lovelock is the new fedora distro sporting the new GNOME 3 .
Personally I am going with Mint 11,
Katya has shed the grey tones of Julia and gone for all White and green .:)

So what are you guys gonna install ?


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LM11 is still grey. IN fact, it is still using the exact same Mint X metal theme from LM10. I like it very much. It will be interesting to see the gap between ubuntu and LM narrow even further in distrowach over the next couple of weeks.


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Nah ,it's cream and green .Not a big issue though. :) .
The theme is same though Mint X
According to the last 7 days ,mint has already beaten ubuntu .But fedora has beaten both by a huge margin.
About Mint 11
It installs in about 2 minutes with a pendrive.
boots in less than 30 seconds .
Shutdown in 5 seconds or less.
No hassles,no crashes.
And I am using the RC version release a fortnight ago.:D

On other hand Fedora 15 is faster and way better than it's predecessor Laughlin.
No drastic UI changes but definitely an upgrade.Though I will prefer OpenSuse over fedora anytime for a rpm distro.


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Running Katya as we type. How about a 12 second boot time and a 3 second shutdown :) ...and that is with no tweaks yet.

It loves my Asus P8H61 (SandyBridge) mainboard, something Mint 10 and even Ubuntu 11.04 didn't.


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Running Katya as we type. How about a 12 second boot time and a 3 second shutdown :) ...and that is with no tweaks yet.

It loves my Asus P8H61 (SandyBridge) mainboard, something Mint 10 and even Ubuntu 11.04 didn't.

Well so you too are member of rogue state of Linux Mint.

Well the shut down time can be anywhere between 2-3 seconds.
The important thing is installation in two minutes with all drivers and software ,a a ordinary desktop user will require.


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I love that map!

I'm surprised Mint beat Ubuntu. I find that hard to believe, but good for them if so. I'm slowly adjusting to Unity, though I'm going back and forth between Ubuntu Mint 11 and Arch everyday.

I just can't settle down!


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Mint has not beaten Ubuntu and the them is still grey (not cream as the OP claims). As of today, Mint is a bit over a hundred downloads per week from overtaking Ubuntu, but it has yet to beat it.

Mint Katya is awesome. I'm loving some of the Natty features, such as the floating sliders, the faster startup and shut down times and some of the new software choices. I'm really disliking the drop in stability though (ubuntu's fault, not Mint's), as well as the fact that some compiz features no longer work (or don't work properly - unless you hack them that is) - again Ubuntu's fault. I'm also really hating that they expanded mint search to almost every browser available for Linux (FF, Chromium and Opera), and make unisntalling the extension virtually impossible. To dissable it in FF you have to add another add-on, and to disable it in chromium, you have to uninstall chromium and side-load Chrome directly from google (and live with Chrome feeding data back to google). I have yet to find a way to disable mint search fro opera, which is a real shame.

Other than that, Mint is still awesome and quite easily the finest all around linux distribution there is. I have a strong suspicion that come fall, thinsg might not be quite as easy, as Mint tries to make gnome 3 work as gnome 2 has work traditionally, and Ubuntu makes further changes that will affect mint downstream.


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Actually it was for that week only
Fedora had almost 3000 hpd followed by mint 2200 and ubuntu 2100
Last 6 months
Ubuntu 2294 Mint 2175 fedora 1560
Last 3 months
Ubuntu 2493 Mint 2476 fedora 1808
Last 30 days
Mint 2283 Fedora 2209 Ubuntu 1928 !!!!!!!!!!!!
Last 7 days
Mint 1969 Ubuntu 1715 fedora 1543

The hpd of mint spikes when a newer mint is released .
Thats why it's jump from 5 to 2 !!

I wont be surprised if it will overtake ubuntu soon.Thats just hpd however .
users of ubuntu are more.Ubuntu made two mistakes unity and shipit.:)