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KC Metro Members

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sag7392, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. sag7392

    sag7392 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Just wanted to see where KC Metro members will pick up their EVO's on E-Day and if anyone would want to meet up afterwards.

    I will be picking up mine at the Sprint Store in Lee's Summit across from Walmart, off of 291.

  2. Brillokc

    Brillokc Newbie

    I'll be driving right past there, have a 7am appointment at the BB on Metcalf, should be able to activate it and play with it a little before I have to be at work at 8.
  3. rockinEVO

    rockinEVO Lurker

    Ill be getting mine at the RS in Mission, KS. I just happen to have the day off =)
  4. Husker Z

    Husker Z Newbie

    Getting my wife's at Radio Shack at 103rd and Metcalf, then get mine at 1:30 at Best Buy on 95th and Quivira.
  5. jdmcivicguy

    jdmcivicguy Lurker

    getting mine at rs off i-29 and 64th street in the northland
  6. Bennyhill

    Bennyhill Member

    Not too sure, but I think I will try to pick one up at the Best Buy in Independence so I can avoid paying for the "Rebate"
  7. sag7392

    sag7392 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Cool, I was wondering how many KC members was in this forum. Myself and a coworker will have our entire I.T. Dept salivating on Friday...well he will, I have Friday-Monday off :). So if anyone wants to meet up, name the spot and I'm game.
  8. probinson

    probinson Well-Known Member

    Getting mine at the RS at 103 & Metcalf at 6am. Seems like it's been a long wait - but just one more day.
  9. bwillie007

    bwillie007 Member

    135th & Blackbob in Olathe...guy told me they will have buttloads of them throughout the day..w/ people going to pick more up from campus.
  10. bossxii

    bossxii Member

    Good to hear. I asked the manager, forget her name. She said she would post on the door how many they had that day before they opened so people in line would know. I don't think supply is going to be an issue at least in KC. I will probably swing by that store on 135th before work and see if their is even a line. Otherwise up near the legends I located to RS's that will have stock and probably grab one at lunch time.
  11. Husker Z

    Husker Z Newbie

    Might see you there! Be driving a Volvo, wearing shorts, flip flops and a Husker cap.
  12. kuwolde

    kuwolde Lurker

    That's the BB I'll be at picking up mine an hour or so after you.

  13. kcpowercat

    kcpowercat Lurker

    Radio Shack in Westport...was going to walk to the Studio store downtown but with RS opening at 6am, decided it was worth jumping in the car for.
  14. amoney

    amoney Lurker

    I'll be at the sprint store on Shawnee mission pkwy... It's right down the street from my house..! 
  15. jabbahoo

    jabbahoo Lurker

    RS in Liberty hopefully Friday at 7, but not to sure right now about work...
  16. rockinEVO

    rockinEVO Lurker

    I just moved over by KUMED. Didnt know there was one in Westport.

    I should have gotten mine there, but Ill be at the one off Johnson Drive in Mission.
  17. Brillokc

    Brillokc Newbie

    I wish there was a Sprint store on their campus, I wouldnt mind picking one up from there, and maybe getting lost to take a little tour.
  18. fyremn76

    fyremn76 Lurker

    BB up north off 169, have an appointment at 1 but going to get there when they open and see if they will give me mine early! But then again I might stop by rs on my way to the firestation in the morning see if i can score one there at 6 so I don't have to drive the fire truck all the way up north to pick up my phone! But whatever it takes!:D
  19. joekr

    joekr Lurker

    Count me in!! I'll be at the Sprint Store @ Power and light tomorrow morning. I love Android on my Moment and the EVO looks awesome!
  20. jdmcivicguy

    jdmcivicguy Lurker

    just a heads up, rs off i-29 and 64th street said that they will have extras for sale, and i have the first appointment at 715 am. it might be wise to stop by.:D
  21. ronrule

    ronrule Newbie

    I'm picking mine up at the KUMED kiosk. Don't even have to leave work! :)
  22. kcpowercat

    kcpowercat Lurker

    If anybody wants to swing by the Sprint Studio store downtown it looks like they have their displays up....as far as I could tell from running by....not sure how late they are open but the frontof the store was definately evo'd up
  23. OldRoman

    OldRoman Member

    Well, I'm not in KC (Wichita here!) but I'm going to a Sprint store at 8:00 am and get one. I have a Moment right now and still under contract but I'll pay the $450 to get one. We don't have 4G yet. At least I'll be ready when we do.
  24. rockinEVO

    rockinEVO Lurker

    Damn! Didnt know there was one there either! I literally live across the street... Oh well.

    EVO, Ill see you at 8:30a =)
  25. kcpowercat

    kcpowercat Lurker

    Well it was so nice, decided to walk back down to the store....here they are setting up a display of evos all running some video....no they wouldn't let me in. Sorry for the blur

    Ironically, this is probably the last picture taken with my Pre.

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