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KD-4 update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by karandpr, May 17, 2011.

  1. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    People of EU may already have the new KD-4 update .Samsung released a Froyo update for 551 in last week April.
    The KD4 firmware is less buggy .It has Froyo 2.2.1 .Touchscreen lag seems to be fixed .Applications are launched a bit quicker.Nothing radical but still an update.Random freezes are fixed and problems with gmail app are supposed to be fixed.

    Edit : It is the KD4 update ,sorry for the error

    Edit 2 : Odin and flashing firmware is not for the weak.It seriously voids the technical warranty.Your phone can brick .You can become strong though :D

    Edit 3 :It never bricked for me and I hate KIES and jokers known as Samsung support

    Edit 4: Once in a while if the CSC doesnt back up ,you will be stuck to free apps only android market.In that case I dont have any Solution as of now except to be a supreme cheapskate.

    EDIT 5 : This method may not work for the I5510L ,I5510M,I5510T ,I5510 BR versions.

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  2. mll

    mll Newbie

    karandpr, thanks a lot for these informations. You are indeed a valuable member of our 551 users community !

    The lags and freezes fixes are *very* good news : if they're really gone, maybe i won't smash my phone on the wall after all. :)

    Now, I'm quite a noob regarding flashing and this kind of things, so here are some questions :

    1. Login - www.SamFirmware.com offers 2 downloads of the I5510XWKD4 : which one should we choose ?
    2. Personnaly, I just discovered that I'm many versions late (I'm on I5510XWJL1) : do you know of any changelog ?
    3. In order to install this update on the phone, is there guide somewhere ?
    4. Will this installation erase my settings ? If so, what kind of backup would be needed ? The titanium Backup kind ?
    Thanks a lot for your answers ! :)
  3. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thank you !! :D

    1.)Either one will work but I will go for OXXKD3 one since it has the newer CSC.
    CSC are region specific settings .

    2.)JK 4/5 was stable Froyo 2.2

    KA2 and KA7 were attempts at Froyo 2.2.1 but there were glitched.
    Phones would freeze randomly ,the lock screen was not responsive and there was a lag noticed in touch screen.When searching for networks phone would suddenly freeze.

    KD4 may seem a minor update but the lock screen and touchwiz is more responsive.Phone doesnt freeze randomly.Smoother UI.The KIES and UMS option which wasn't available if you installed another Launcher now works with ADW,GoLauncherEx .Its 2.2.1 at the very least ,could be 2.2.2.

    3.)The Guide is the link in Step 3

    4.)It will erase everything .Do a Ti backup of contacts,apps and CSC.

    5.)Will update the rooting thread since z4root and UniversalANDroot both dont work .Thats actually sign of 2.2.1

    6.)What do you need
    OPS file and rar file containing 4 files plus odin 4.34

    7.)Password of rar file is samfirmware.com

    Advantages of update :Many

    Disadvantages : Chances are that KIES wont ever show you any update.but it never does in my country any way:)
  4. mll

    mll Newbie

    Thanks a lot !

    The guide says :
    What is this "Q" key ???
  5. mll

    mll Newbie

  6. mll

    mll Newbie

    OMG my phone is now in som weird language !!! (polish maybe) :D

    Did I do anything wrong ? How can I correct that ?
  7. mll

    mll Newbie

    OK, I found it in the preferences.

    (omg, what a soliloqy ! :)
  8. splattx_x

    splattx_x Guest

    Hi, nice guide karandpr!! Only one question regarding CSC, to make sure I understand it correctly.

    1.- I backup my data with Ti Backup. Although I couldn't find anything that says "CSC" in Ti Backup :thinking: Is it the "Country, Language, Time" option?
    2.- I flash with ODIN following the guide you posted with the 4 files that come in the I5510XWKD4 package (including the CSC file).
    3.- I reinstall Ti Backup and restore all my data and... everything should be working?

    Sorry to ask but it will be the first time I flash and I don't wanna mess up my phone. I'm mainly confused about the CSC part.

    Is the Backup->Restore with Ti Backup enough? Or do I need to generate a CSC file somehow and replace the one in the I5510XWKD4 package with my own when flashing?

    Thanks for helping us get the most from our phones!

    EDIT: Ok I think I found it, there's something called "CSC 1.0" listed as a system app+data, I guess that's it. This doesn't clear the doubt about generating the CSC file being necessary tho[/B]
  9. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    CSC is important if you want to access the market of your country or have custom keyboard like AZERTY for france.
    To change the country code ,
    type *#06# for your IMEI

    then type
    *#272* IMEI #
    you get a list of codes.
    Google up and find your country's code
    Click forward after typing.
    A factory reset will be done and you will be able to access your country's market/settings

    Usually your country is listed in the CSC file
    But sometimes it is not .
    so backup and restore will restore the CSC file.
    You will still have to manually change the country code.
    The safe way
    use *#*#4636#*#*
    to check your CSC code .
    cross check with samfirmware whether the firmware listed is present or not.
    If European then the given CSC is good enuf
    If Asia/Arabic then download the corresponding firmware and extract the CSC and use that CSC with the other three files in odin.
    If it aint listed
    then backup/restore your CSC :)
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  10. splattx_x

    splattx_x Guest

    Thanks so much, you've been most helpful. I just wanna point out that I had to type *#1234# code (Firmware version) to get CSC code and it said CSC:I5510LCTIJK1 I'm guessing that CTI is my CSC code (since its the name of the service provider). Thanks to you I'm confident enough to flash new firmware!! But not right now because it's late and I better do it well rested. Thanks so much!!
  11. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Actually it's Slovenian :D.It's shocking and annoying the first time :D.
    Check your market .If it doesnt work,change your country from the procedure above.
  12. mll

    mll Newbie

    yes, I'd like to find a way to have my AZERTY keyboard in a less hackish version than this page

    But basically, the only files that Ti Backup produced that have csc in their names are :

    and they do not look like a CSC file should look.

    So basically, how does one backup and restore a csc file ?

    And if I reflashed my phone already, isn't it too late to backup the csc file that will bring my AZERTY keyboard back ?
  13. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Too Late dude sorry
    You french by any chance .Bonjour !!!! :D
    Anyway cheer up dude XW,XX CSC supports France !!!

    then type
    *#272* IMEI #
    IMEI is your IMEI number
    you get a list of codes.
    Google up and find your country's code
    Click forward after typing.
    A factory reset will be done and you will be able to access your country's market/settings

    Try the code SFR ,XEF
    Yes it works.My Qwerty became Azerty for a short while. I was goofing around :D
  14. mll

    mll Newbie

    OR maybe not : i made a full Ti Backup before my first flash. Is there any way to find the csc file in the dozens of files that are in the backup ?
    You guessed it. Bonjour tr
  15. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  16. mll

    mll Newbie

    Alas no. Plenty of codes that relate to Spain, Greece, and lots of central Europe countries according to Samsung Letter Code - www.SamFirmware.com, but none that relates to France such as SFR or XEF.
  17. mll

    mll Newbie

    Very weird. the Firmware with GT-I5510-CSC-MULTI-OXXKD3.tar.md5 offers :
    etc... (central europe countries mostly, and 2 unkown codes : NDN and NEE - this list looks pretty much the same as what I remind of what GT-I5510-CSC-BSEJK1.tar.md5 offered).
    Anyway, no code related to France.
  18. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Should have started this thread in All things Root thread ,but no one would have read it ;)
  19. mll

    mll Newbie

    OK, here are my final findings about the two KD4 european firmwares available at Login - www.SamFirmware.com :

    I5510XWKD4 ## with CSC - I5510OXXKD3 :

    • contains the following country codes :
      • ATO
    • QWERTY keyboard
    • boots in slovenian

    I5510XWKD4 ## with CSC - I5510BSEJK1 :

    • for the belgian market
    • AZERTY keyboard
    • boots in english

    (as for me, I used the BSE version in order to get the Azerty keyboard)
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  20. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Nice Job mll .
    Will certainly help people flashing
    Edit 1 : hmm . so you already had AZERTY in BSE.
  21. mll

    mll Newbie

    yes, i had it wrong in my first report
  22. splattx_x

    splattx_x Guest

    I was able to flash correctly, thanks for your help guys. But I lost 3G :( and GPS seems to not be working either. My phone model is i5510L which now I think was there for a reason... I was able to restore my CSC by backing up some files + Ti backup. That worked fine so when I get home I'll explain how to do it, it's easy.

    My question is, are the firmwares from samfirmware the same as compiling the code from opensource.samsung? Is there a way to compile the kernel from opensource.samsung (they provide some separate files for i5510L which I would have to learn how to use) and mix it with the rom so I can flash a more specific firm?

    On the bright side, the phone seems more responsive (specially everything music related), I seem to get better reception and calls sound somewhat clearer (although this last one could be a coincidence)
  23. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ouch !I was reading XDA and saw that

    Try this ,worth a shot .

    *#*#2263#*#* - Set GSM/UMTS band
    For 3G (WCDMA All)
    *#*#1575#*#* – GPS test
    for GPS

    I didnt notice the L .Should have included in the disclaimer .My mistake :(.

    What are the files that are extra.
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  24. splattx_x

    splattx_x Guest

  25. mll

    mll Newbie

    Please do : I'm very interested :)

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