Sep 8, 2012
Usually get it when trying to watch videos. I sometime get forwarded to the flash website but it gets to a page asking me to choose my operating system and of course Android or whatever it is isn't listed. Instead a window pops up telling me. Have Linux. That doesn't seem right so I don't go any farther.
Adobe discontinued Flash for Android about three years ago, and now only supports desktop operating systems with it, Windows, Linux and Mac.

These days many video sites, such as YouTube no longer use Flash, which is proprietary, it's now either HTML5 or their own specific apps. Depending on the site you're trying to view, they might have an app you can use. Alternatively contact the site's webmaster and tell them the issue you've got with it.
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1-You're probably getting a phishing (fake webpage that copies a legit site) pop up ad. If so, ignore and get ad blocker and perhaps visit a "better class" of webpages...some without popup phishers. (No disrespect intended...i see them daily in my web ramblings as well)
2- All androids operate on Linux.
3-Flash is still widely used. You can still install it on ANY Android no matter how old or what version used.
4-Just because it is no longer supported doesn't mean you can't/shouldn't use it.
5-the only reason its not supported is because Google (Android) got butt-hurt at Adobe (Flash) when they refused to bow down and worship our supreme overlords, masters and knowers of all info, Godgle.
6-Use Dolphin web browser, not the stock browser. It has Flash support and you can even download it from the Godgle Play Store plus you don't have to be rooted to enjoy nearly-full Flash capabilities! (Though I would ALWAYS recommend rooting ... If you know what you're doing!)
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