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Keep getting system recovery <3e> even after factory resets

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by penright, Aug 3, 2017.

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    First attempt to root/flash rom.
    According to the instructions it said download odin 1.8. When I could not get past startup, something said download odin3. I current have odin3 3.10.6. I used it to download the .pit that came with 1.8.
    I was locked into the tab 2 going into download mode. Could not get to recover for even a factory reset.
    So I found something that said to use "espresso10_stock_childofthehorn.tar.md5". That downloaded using odin3. I am able to boot and go into recovery, but I get a <3e> dead android red triangle.
    After many data wipes Still get the <3e> error.
    What next?

    First, I must have stumbled into download the first time. Now I know it is power and vol-, then press vol+.
    After some more playing around and I am starting to connecting some more dots, I found a recovery imaged that work and gave me root with stock recovery.
    It is "CF-Auto-Root-espresso10att-espresso10uc-samsungsghi497.tar.md5"
    But, when I try and use it to update the rom, the verify files fail. From googling it seems I need a custom recovery. So where can I find a customer recover that works with espresso10uc?

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