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Keep Incredible or X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Thalinor, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Thalinor

    Thalinor Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 22, 2010
    I am stuck trying to decide whether to keep the Droid X or The Droid Incredible. Quick backstory, I had the Droid Incredible for about a month till it had an issue where it needed to go back for warranty replacement. During that month I fell in love with the phone, with the only complaint being the lack of 720p video recording. Verizon told me that they would not be able to replace the Droid Incredible for a few weeks and offered me a Droid X instead. While it had not been released, all the system specs posted seemed to make it a superior phone so I took the offer and they shipped the Droid X the day it was released. The next day the phone arrived and I have been using it ever since. Yesterday however a new Droid Incredible arrived out of the blue; apparently Verizon screwed up and sent it thinking I still needed a replacement. I now have the option of picking between the two phones.

    On paper this is an easy choice. On top of matching the Droid Incredible specs, The Droid X has a larger screen, HDMI out, and has a better build quality. The 720p video [and wi-fi hot spot] update for the Droid Incredible make those features no longer part of the equation as both phones now have those features. Why is this decision so hard? Because the Droid X has some seriously nagging issues that while I want to love the phone, I just can


  2. payback

    payback New Member

    Oct 12, 2010
    Honestly, I went through a lot of trouble getting my incredible, I just HAD TO have it. Like a dumbell I had the devour and everyone told me "its the same phone they do the same thing"...NO they certainly aren't and don't. First the sense totally destroys blur, second, even though the keys are smaller on the upright screen the horizontal virtual keyboard is perfect, works flawlessly, I like it much better than any tangible keyboard. However, my first incredible had issues with dead spots on the screen and refused to connect to a pc or my car stereo, eventually just completely dying.
    Anyways back on topic, I checked out the X and the incredible at the same time, although the X probably may b better because of speed and a bigger screen and hdmi out (kick ass) ...its simply too big to be practical for me. Also the incredible is about as sturdy as they come I have a full outlining case but I've dropped it HARD and it didnt flinch, hell even my old reliable original Chocolate would shut off if dropped like that. And the battery really isn't THAT bad if u remember when u know ur away from a charger to not go crazy.
  3. jkmasi

    jkmasi Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2010
    I have both too, and I'm trying to decide whether to return the X (the Inc has been mine since launch. I pre-ordered.)

    I agree with most everything you say. I don't care about HDMI, but one thing I care a lot about that you didn't mention -- CALL QUALITY!

    The one thing that the X has over the Inc for me is the amazing call quality. So, for me, I am choosing between the UI that I love on the Inc., and the superior call quality on the X. I've been using the X for about a week, thinking it would grow on me, but it often makes me mad. Today, I reactivated my Inc to try it out again. I will keep using both until I get close to 30 days.

    One suggestion: I loaded LauncherPro Plus on the X and that makes the UI much nicer. The widgets are pretty Sense-like and there are some really nice features. Try that before you decide.
  4. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Well-Known Member

    Jun 15, 2010
    Pick one, sell the other.
  5. rehpyc

    rehpyc Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2010
    People still cry about the UI yet don't care to realize there are themes/UIs that take out most of blur? Do you even root your phone to apply fixes and customizations?

    Think of your call quality between the X and Inc. Think of the battery life between the two.

    HTC didn't lock down the Incredible, but they sure are locking down their future phones.
  6. Kabob

    Kabob Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2010
    Birmingham, AL
    My brother in law has a Incredible, buddy has an X. They're both great, between the two I'd choose the X, but that's just me. Better hardware, bigger screen, HDMI out, better flash, better battery. The downside of the X for me are Blur and the size. Not just the screen's size, but the width at the bump (especially important since I keep my phone in my pocket).

    In the end, honestly, it comes down to which you like more. Specs be durned, if you prefer one over the other then that's what matters. Who cares if a screen is better or whatever, if you like the way one functions, go that route.
  7. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2010
    Marlton, NJ
    Some of your critiscism are valid, like Sense is truely better than Blur. Not that much better, but it is prettier to look at.

    Then some of your critiscisms are off base, like coming down on the screen resolution. That's an Android 2.2 limitation (Froyo). Gingerbread will increase that resolution, but for now, that's all the hardware manufacturers are allowed to use.

    Let me touch on a few topics. And just so you know, the X has been rooted for some time now.

    Lack of access to internal memory:
    I've used astro file manager to transfer files to the internal memory so there is a way.

    Droid X crippled HDMI:
    Don't believe everything you hear from Verizon CSRs. Half are idiots and the other half doesn't even know as much as the first. There are a few good ones, but the majority ruin it. However, it's not a matter of a company "bowing" to another, rather a company taking another's money to put software on thier device. Don't know about you, but if Blockbuster paid me enough to put "Blockbuster.com" on my car, then I'd do it. More likely Motorola didn't want to get caught up in any MPAA litigation. I do agree that the HDMI functionality could be better, but I've never really used it.

    EDIT. Apparently "Real HDMI" allows you to output what you want over HDMI

    Droid X awful looking and limited functionality motoblur [vs htc sense]:
    Valid point, but one that hardly makes or breaks the phone. The sense eye candy is nice, but gets old fast. Try another launcher, like LauncherPro or ADW. Even people with Sense phones install them because they are superior.

    Droid X poor system optimization [leading to lag]
    Again try LauncherPro or ADW.

    Larger screen but lack of larger resolution makes it look worse.
    Again that's an andoid issue. Do you see any other phone or tablet with higher resolution? Even with the lower resolution, text is much sharper than the Dinc with the horrid pentile matrix (which is actually 2/3rds resolution as advertised ;))

    Get the motorola flashlight app right from the market. Simple. Why it's not included I don't know, but it's only 1 click away.

    Something must be wrong because the camera on the X is day and night superior over the Dinc, especially after 2.2 update.

    Get the phone you are happier with. It's not a life choice, just a stupid phone, and to be quite honest, they are 80% identical in many ways. It's just some features matter more to some then others.

    I had a DInc, and traded it for the X and couldn't be happier. To be honest, at first I had buyers remorse, Sense looked so pretty and I miss the animated weather, but after a couple market downloads, that's a non issue anymore. Remorse lasted all of a day when I found that I didn't drop calls, had better reception, faster web downloads, better call quality, noise cancellation, better GPS performance, much better camera, a bigger screen that makes it MUCH easier to type (even in portrait mode), sturdier build and a battery that lasts much longer.

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