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Keep losing mobile data signal only option is to restart phone.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adnilem, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. adnilem

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    Hi, is anyone else experiencing problems with staying connected to mobile more internet? I am located in Brisbane Australia and have a new S3 4g from Kogan, but I am having signal problems. My husband has an S3 3g and doesn't have the same issues.

    My main issue is the mobile internet, the signal at work isn't fantastic so it seems to rotate between DC, 3G and 3G+ or drops altogether, the problem is when it drops it won't find the signal again unless I restart the phone. I have tried turning the mobile data off from the quick menu bar, tried enabling and disabling from the power key and also tried going into settings and turning it on and off there as well but none of these work, the only way I can get it to search for internet again is via a restart, which thankfully doesn't take long but annoying all the same.

    The phone is not rooted, it comes with what appears to be French stock apps which I think is with all Kogan sold phones?

    I am also experiencing problems with phone network range, my husbands S3 (not 4g) but is with the same carrier (TPG) , our phones can be side by side and he will have 3 bars and I will have one or none.

    To give you an idea of location, I use the mobile internet in the heart ofthe city and the phone, signal I have problems with is in an established residential area 12kms from the city, so there should be no issues with proximity to towers etc.

    Should I bite the bullet and send it back or is anyone else experiencing problems with the 4g version?


  2. galaxysser

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    Send it back! I am in an area with poor reception - my previous Galaxy S struggled, but my S3 LTE always locks on to a signal and never drops - most chuffed about that!

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