keeping ACE battery from running low too fast


it's my first android phone, i was ios before so it was pretty new to me. i made the mistake of listening to advice with regards to task killers and battery control apps and all sorts of guff. however i have found that using the phone and just one app has prolonged the battery by well over 50% from what i experienced on them first few days.

and dont get me wrong im on the internet a lot, making calls and texting like im some 15yr (im a little older) old with a social life lol. so this is what i suggest and it's more just down to getting yourself into a good routine.

what you'll need is the following widget already pre loaded to the phone on your main page.

The Program Monitor Widget

it opens the task manager quicker than pressing the home button for several seconds. and when your ready to let your phone sleep for a while just close all the current tasks you want.

the second is an app

MySettings - Android app on AppBrain

which basically lets me get at the options to change my wifi off (yes i know there is already a short cut for that) but the best one is swapping my 3g to 2g for when im not out and about, or im not going to be using the internet.

so what i end up with, with the click of a few buttons is a phone with nothing on but 2g and no apps running before it sleeps. on average my battery lasts me 32 to 48 hrs, except when im playing games on it then it's about 6 hours lol.

and yes i know quite alot of the people here are seasoned droid users, but there is also alot of first timers like myself that were not aware of stuff like this.