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keeping screen on

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NINJABIKA, Jun 1, 2010.


    NINJABIKA Lurker
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    hi all

    had my desire for about a month now, what a cracking piece of kit, can't seem to put it down.

    one thing that is bugging me and if anyone can offer me a solution it would be appreciated , is there any way of making the screen stay on permanently when the phone is charging or when playing music or when using google maps.

    the reason i ask is i've bought an fm sender for my works van, it's an all in one charger , fm sender and cradle. only trouble is the screen keeps going black after a few minutes and it's a bit of a pain having to unlock it to flick through tracks or see the map.

    any ideas to keep the screen on when using certain apps

    thanks in advance martin

  2. i VTAK

    i VTAK Android Expert

    I always set my screen to never timeout. That way it only goes blank when I want it to.

    NINJABIKA Lurker
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    thanks a lot for that, exactly what i was looking for


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